Air Manager won't open - says 'already running'

Has anyone had the message ‘Air Manager is already running…’? I bought it on Sunday, used it on Monday and Tuesday and next and every other attempt at opening it, I got this message. AM seem to take 24 hours to reply to a ticket so I’m wondering if anyone has a procedure or idea on what to do. BTW they never sent me a licence number so I can’t I don’t think, unistall and reinstall.
Thanks for any help.

You use your email and password to authenticate so you can uninstall and reinstall to test if that fixes it.

Thank you skypilotYTS and that was a good idea, but just before I was about to try it, AM replied to my desparate cry for help after 36hrs… For anyone watching;
’ it can be solved by removing the lock.json file in C:/users/your username/Air Manager/’.
But they tell me that another version to be launched tomorrow 24-06-2022 will solve the problem forever.
So thanks again for your response.

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Awesome, glad you got it sorted out.