"Air Sankore" near Japan

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Lots of “Air Sankore” (doesn’t exist) traffic near Japan. After flying to RJNA I can be sure at least Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA/JH) is one of the victims being erroneously assigned this callsign. Googling for “Sankore” shows african stuff and Japan is nowhere near Africa. considering “Air Sankore” traffic can be heard from places that supposedly don’t have Fuji Dream flights, it is possible some other smaller airlines are also being assigned this false callsign.
Personally I don’t remember hearing traffics of these airlines that should appear near Japan:
“Commuter” (Japan Air Commuter)
“Ryukyu (air)” (Ryukyu Air Commuter)
“Oriental Bridge” (Oriental Air Bridge)
“Jey Spring” (Spring Airlines Japan)
“Zippy” (Zip Air Tokyo)
Some smaller airlines that operates GA-like planes (whose flight data may be unavailable to begin with) and Amakusa air (which I have observed being assigned as “Generic+flight number”) are not listed. It is possible that some of these “missing” airlines are also handled in-game just like Amakusa Air.

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Fly with live traffic near RJNA (Old Nagoya airport), where the only traffic in and out of it should be Fuji Dream flights. Monitor ATC conversation. Observe Fuji Dream flights being called “Air Sankore”.

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Search for ICAO code FDA and we get a pretty good picture of what went wrong.

FDA is now used by Fuji Dream Airlines (callsign “FUJI DREAM”) but was previously used by African Airlines (callsign “AIR SANKORE”).

So basically the in-game ATC was using outdated “what ICAO code is what airline” data, thereby causing this bug.

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I also second this finding that the sim is using outdated callsigns. Since launch, I also have live air traffic in Indonesian airspace with Citilink. Citilink is CTV and have a callsign of “Supergreen”. Yet in the sim it’s given the callsign “Are Aviacion” all the time. Only when I checked them out that there was this small private airline company with “Are Aviacion” callsign, and their ICAO code is set to CTV as well, same as Citilink.

So I guess this problem is bigger than I thought. A plurality of ICAO airline codes are given outdated callsigns from outdated airlines.

Yeah I just saw this too. The callsign data base is several years out of date. I made a report like 2 years ago on Zendesk for this too.

When I use FSLTL, for some reason that addon actually fixed the out-of-date callsign database that they use, I hear proper callsign for flights using it.

Because FSLTL gets their callsigns from somewhere else, just like AIG.

Yeah that makes sense. I think I just realised that because when I was using AIG, I only use the default MSFS live traffic with it. I never used the injector method. FSLTL is the first time I use the injector, so that was a pleasant surprise.