Air Traffic Control

I’ll be downloading this version in a few days. I’ve been using MS Flight Sims since 1995 and I’ve been a real life controller since early 90’s. Slowly sim ATC has evolved but it’s never been great and most people playing as controllers are absolutely insane. How has ATC changed in this latest version? The computer is so bad I just don’t use it and follow actual approach plates for every airport. I’d still like to have ATC use more AI instead of stiff and pre programmed (I’d rather have Alexa than the MS controller) Anyways, hope its better, perhaps some pilots can tell me what to expect. Thanks


In MSFS 2020, ATC was bad at first. Then it got better and better, except that the controller sometimes gave you the wrong runway direction. But in the end it was pretty good, for example ATC picked you up from the specified altitude in time for landing.
But since the last update everything is back to the beginning.
But that runs through all updates. Errors that have long been fixed are suddenly there again.


ATC is pretty bad. As an ATC, you’ll likely cringe at pretty much everything they say and do.

If you want a realistic experience with ATC, you’ll likely want to use Vatsim.


ATC is a direct port from the Microsoft Flight Simulator X … shocking! You may ask how can I know that … the problems at my local airport in FSX are identical to the shambles in MSFS2020, Misalignment of ILS, told to go to 17000ft 20 miles out! Too much wrong information, or none at all!
ILS doesn’t make any sense at 90% of airports, you’re stacked like a lost buzzard on almost every approach. I would be right in saying that the Airport add-ons will not correct any approaches?
Don’t fancy splashing out on Add-ons until this is resolved, I would have thought for a new sim this and flight dynamics are the building blocks of the Simulator?

If you want realistic atc youll need an atc addon or use vatsim. Its the same atc since FS9, nothing has really changed.