Air Traffic Not Visible in VR mode

Has anyone else had an issue with Live Traffic and AI Traffic not showing in VR mode? I toggle off VR and can see aircraft both flying and in airports but when VR toggled on they disappears.

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Same since SU5.

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I’ve also noticed that controlling nobs and buttons is different too. Take a bit getting used to.

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Yup same for me.

I can see live traffic.

Do you know there’s 2 different settings which control this? First is the settings in the traffic section. There’s another one when you setup your flight. Click on the weather section and in there are settings for several things, not just weather. Make sure you set it up to show all traffic.

Good luck.

I will try that with the next flight. But I can see the traffic with VR toggled off. Thanks

Just like Mayhem says. There is a Traffic/PC and Traffic/VR group of settings, just like for Graphics settings PC/VR. In any event, viewing other planes in my Rift S, unless they’re really close, is a bit underwhelming for me. But I still like to see them there :slight_smile:

A little troubling for myself as well. I was flying into Henderson, NV Exec. which is really close to Mc Carren International and based on my GPS there were tons of large aircraft around me and I could see none in VR. I checked settings in VR and couldn’t see a traffic visibility toggle but I will keep looking.

Went to VR settings and didn’t see any toggles for Traffic. I’m using Oculus 2.0 not sure if that makes a difference. Everything set set for LIVE Traffic. I briefly saw an aircraft but it was pretty close. When out of VR mode, I mainly see the aircraft ID number.

Was this VR under Options, left side menu, Graphics (from the left Button)?

Or did you go to Options, left side menu, Traffic. Then on the top it will say PC. Click the right arrow and then it will be all the settings for VR. Then set Live traffic, AI air traffic, ground, ship, etc. for VR only.

Yes. Now I see that. Thanks. Now if it works.

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I find that although I have all traffic enabled (realtime & multiplayer in flight setup and general settings) the nameplates show, but there’s no aircraft, then the aircraft may suddenly appear for a few minutes

It’s just since SU5 update

A very annoying bug, and a longer standing one which is even worse is when flying at night and you don’t see any lights until less than about 5km (or maybe 5nm):

[BUG] Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Someone also brought up this question for the next Q&A:

Will you be expanding the default multiplayer model types to be more representative of what is being flown in multiplayer? - Community / Dev Q&A: Ask Questions Here! - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

For sure. One doesn’t see the aircraft unless you are really close. I know it was annoying when flying next to a busy airport like Las Vegas. The GPS shows aircraft all around you but you can’t see anything. It does let you know that if you were flying a real aircraft that you avoid flying close to a large airport. That’s why having executive airports serving an metropolitan are are very useful. Small aircraft do not belong landing in international airports for sure.

Well, going into Options, Traffic, VR did the trick. I noticed that everything was set to 0. Got it all to work. I do note that Live aircraft mainly show names and the actual aircraft is very small. Imagine that you would have to get really close to get any detail.

yes the same with me i turn off VR and traffic and real people are all around me but not in VR

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