AIRAC missing approach

Hello simmers, for a few weeks I have been using Little Navmap with the AIRAC 2304 to pick the route on the plane, yesterday, on my trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, there was a lack of approaches to certain runways, specifically the approaches to runways 19r and l.

As an added example I want to go to KXTA (area 51) and it does not have any type of departure or approach on the world map or looking for the airport on the garmin when in Little Navmap with the airac 2304 it does.

My question is: the airac that gives us asobo is that of navigraph or is it another or the same but limited.

Stock AIRAC data for MSFS is provided by NAVBLUE and it does lack quite a bit. Jeppesen data (which is what you get from Navigraph) is superior.

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I just checked in Navigraph Charts, and actually I do find some procedures which surprised me for some reason. No arrivals, but there are Departures, and Approaches.