Airbus A310-300 ILS capture loc

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ils loc glideslope doesn t work.

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the last

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so i watched some videos and many players have this issue . How to active clearly the ils descent on this planes .
frequency / crs ok
Active approach on the fmc ok
Ap on , autothrust on , nav / loc or ground ? and auto land ?
Security system on this arplane or special procedural step ont his airbus ?
i see clearly the GS lock and capture but the plane refuse to active the auto descent … Why … ?

If someone have some informations. Thank you all.

Did you check out the official inibuilds A310 tutorials on youtube?

There are several examples of ILS approaches (both manual and auto-land) at the following locations:

New to Airliners - A310 | Part 2 …starts at 36:09
EFB & Approaches - A310 | Part 2 …starts at 10:57
Return to Airliners - A310 | Part 3 …descent prep starts at 6:40

I’ve had a few issues with the plane but none to do with localizer/glideslope capture.

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