Airbus A310 Cockpit textures

So, I got the latest SU11 update yesterday, and the first thing I had to do was to get into the new A310. However, getting into the cockpit, I quickly realized that the cockpit textures appeared to be a bit blurry. I quickly went back to check if the same was happening with other aircraft as well (FBW A32NX), but those textures looked better (Well, much clearer) than the A310. Does anyone know why this could be happening?
Screenshots for comparisons are below.

Thanks a ton for suggestions!

Noticed that too i think that’s just the way they have their textures resoluted.

I’m assuming you’re on Xbox?

If you’re on PC then you might want to download the high fidelity version instead of the normal one.

You have to download the free “A310 enhanced package” in marketplace . They did it this way for peeps with low end pc can use the default a310 textures. The enhanced package has the passenger cabin too and makes the exterior textures better. Also same exact thing for the DC-3, u need to download “enhanced dc-3”


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