Airbus A320 study version?

Hi chaps,

Just flew from Chetumal to Mexico City in the A320. Was pleasant but sure do miss the complex version after flying FFA320 for so long.

The default planes handles well i must admit, feels heavy which is good. Anyone have any idea when a study level A320 will be coming out?

I don’t think any have been announced but I really want one too.

What is the meaning of study level a320?

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Aerosoft is bringing out their A32X lineup I think, but for real study level there’s only FSLabs, and Lefteris is barely keeping pace with updating their existing products for P3Dv5, let alone announce anything big for MSFS.

FYI I have the FFA320 as well, development has been a mess with Assert going AWOL and Ramzzess taking over, so I don’t expect Flightfactor to transition to MSFS anytime soon either. Looking at Carenado’s C182 I expect MSFS development will favor existing FSX/P3D developers over X-Plane developers, which uses LUA a lot.


Like the A320 In real life with everything pretty much working accurately


Is there any plan by FS labs to release Airbus 320?

wait for aerosoft, they will be bringing their lineup soon

Study level means that the complexity of the aircraft DLC addon is so high that it works according to real world flight manuals, both in normal and in emergency situations. This also means that you’ll have to study the aircraft like a real pilot on a type rating course.

For example a non-study level A320, like the one we have in MSFS, flies nicely in basic flight. The FSLabs A32X for P3Dv5 (a predecessor to MSFS for hardcore fans) correctly simulates multiple failure modes such as Alternate and Direct law, with degraded flight envelope protections that causes the aircraft to fly very differently (a potentially deadly scenario, Google the Perpignan A320 crash). It also has correct displays for issues such as unreliable airspeed (BUSS).

Study level simulation of a fly-by-wire Airbus is an absolute nightmare for flight sim developers, as they don’t fly like normal aircraft - the pilot is protected by a complex software cocoon that can, in rare cases, suddenly fail. I would say that Boeings (Maybe except the MAX) fly like normal aircraft - a bigger version of the little Cessna that you did your first trial flight with. FBW Airbus however flies like a fuzzy logic rice cooker, and a common question amongst real world Airbus pilots is “what is it doing now?”.


Yeh, I’ve not heard many good things about the FSLabs version, apart form being super realistic… looks like Aerosoft will be the go for the moment. I used to fly their A321 before i moved to X-Plane. Should be good!

LOL! That’s a brilliant description!

Hopefully, this should be interesting. I am type rated on A320

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I would say that FSLabs is the only developer that has successfully simulated Airbus fly-by-wire to its fullest. FlightFactor never quite finished their A320, and while the systems look complex it’s only skin-deep. Aerosoft nailed it for the more casual crowd but from my experience with the Airsimmer for FS9 debacle ~8 years ago, simulating Airbus FBW at study level is…HARD. REAL HARD.

The bad rep they have is due to Lefteris’ extreme approach in going after pirates. That and the A32X crushes PCs in terms of FPS. And the price.

Hmm… sounds like he has his work cut out on many fronts if he,s going to sell it to the Airbus fans out here…

Patience is a virtue, as well as an opera!

I had the set of 4 A3** airbuses in FSX from Aerosoft and sort of left them behind for XP11 and initially the JARdesign and latterly the FF A320U.

I’m currently thinking of checking out the Aerosoft Airbus offering(s) first, as what will probably be my main tube-liner.

Loads of time for that to change though. :slight_smile:

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Asoobo staff could release the code for the aircraft, so that developers like Ziboo could work on the model and make it more complex


Good idea!

Don’t forget the Toliss A319. One of the best A320 Family plugins when it comes to system depth and fbw.


Study level is quite subjective.
Some people think it means the same as a Level D Simulator.
The term “Study Level” actually means nothing to me. Not even sure who coined the definition. Nothing about this game will make something “Study Level” that will translate to becoming a real word pilot.
A more complete working model of an aircraft for this game yes that is possible and 3rd. party people will probably bring more realistic planes to this game at some point.
Right now most everything is very basic.


Study, schmuddy. Plenty of people have released ‘Study’ level aircraft, but few come close. It’s a catchphrase!
The default planes are fine for starters and some are excellent. Let the community improve them ‘a la Zibo’. But ‘Study’… no such thing.