Airbus A320neo cockpit lighting changed

Hi there folks,

I really dont know what happened to the cockpit lighting in the 320neo when doing night ILS landings I now notice that the inner cockpit camera default view is extremely bright.

Have I clicked a keyboard shortcut that has enabled some type of cabin flood light or something?

I can use keyboard L key and that seems to put on the landing and taxi lights and then also turns on the inside cockpit flood light which illuminates the complete cabin it seems.

This would resort to normal when restarting a new World mission or flight but since the update to to Update VI it now always is on. I took a screen shot of short final into Pearson Int Toronto and then fished out a previous screen shot going out of Pittsburg of how the Neo cabin lighting used to be yet I cannot seem to get it back to how it was before the update.

Any ideas, shortcuts, suggestions? I have tried the upper panel on the Neo and it doesn’t turn off the flood type lights.

Previous dark cabin.

Current Cabin after update VI

And again, far too bright all around imo!

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Are the dome lights switches turned on? Located in the center panel

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turn off the dome lights …


You Champ crazymahem.

I thought previously I had done this but I think with changing this with the mouse I was dragging the switch to Med and it seemed to bounce back from Off to Med, weird.

But thank you, that did the trick. :+1:

Had read this and tried that before though yet not sure why this time it worked by staying off. Perhaps it had something to do with once I start a flight it would bounce back from off to Dim? Who knows but certainly pleased to not fly around with a bright cabin :slight_smile:

ps: since the VI update I seem to now have to do this manually, so thanks again!

For ref:

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Lol it pays to be an airliner enthusiast :grin:. Glad I could help.