Airbus A340

Pandemic gave it the final blow with all airlines getting under severe fiscal pressure, leading to phase out of older aircraft that were not that efficient.

Coming out today from LVFR.

Meh. Only care about the 600 variant. Any news on when that’s coming?

Can you please place that tutorial under the LFVR Visuals. Thanks.

I see it is under Community, Cheers!

Could do with a XB TCA throttle tutorial. The one they say which was for the 747 doesn’t help with reverse thrust or detents.

Also, it seems to suffer from the sluggish front wheel steering. The new 320 NEO v2 does too but has a setting to combat it in the EFB. The 340 doesn’t of course

What on earth have they done to the elevator!!

Anyone know what the latest update was for?

Lots of issues with this product.

Bugs I found so far.

  • Nosewheel stearing almost impossible
  • Can’t delete waypoints correctly
  • Trim lives its own life making it really hard to flare and land normally

One have to be desperate to buy this, like myself. 3 years after the MSFS was launched and still not one single long haul with a functionality depth close to FSX.

A positive one: At least LVFR 340 can be run with simrate 8X while e.g. Headwind almost can’t make 4X which makes it useless

When’s the 600 variant coming?