Airbus FCU Build Project


I am quite new to the whole aviation thing. I was putting together an airbus setup building off the Thrustmaster TCA Captain pack. I was going to expand it to include an FCU, until I saw how much these things cost. 4000$?

So as an engineer, if you can’t get what you want, you make what you want.

I have everything planned out except I need your help on one thing. The buttons.

This is the model I am going to recreate. Since I have never touched an Airbus, I need help figuring out what kind of button each one is. Mainly the spinny ones.
I know that they are push in/out but I don’t know how many degrees of rotation they have (or if they even have limits).


The cheapest method for the knobs will probably be to do it yourself with a 3D printer.


I’m more talking about the actual rotary encoder.