Airbus H145 Helicopter (Civilian, Luxury, Military Variants) - Accelerated Flight Systems & Hype Performance Group

That’s interesting. It would be important to realize which functionalities we are going to have access to for each version. That should be a major selling point, really, since it should justify the price increase. Can you please let us know?


i agree with this. they need my money more than i need the helicopter though, so it’s up to them. if they charge me extra for waiting, to ensure i have good reason to buy their product, then i don’t want their product. all these companies refuse refunds, no matter how unacceptable their products are, so they should have the integrity to support consumers to make informed decisions, not charge them more for that.

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I pre-ordered Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 months in advance of its release…

I pre-ordered my HP Reverb G2, months in advance of its release…

All based on the hopes that these products would live up to their marketing hype (pun intended).
Neither of those companies needed my money up front, but I had no problem doing it.
If you’re not happy supporting HPG in advance of a product release then don’t.
Any company that can Frankenstein a helicopter like the H135 in a platform that doesn’t yet support them, has my vote. It can only get better from here.


Well having been burnt multiple times on Kickstarter and Steam with preorders that led to nothing…I’m past giving money in advance unless there’s something tangible now.

Steam early access is exactly that…EARLY access.

The price that I posted a LOL about is something I’d pay AFTER the product is completed. As an “early access when we’re ready” the pricepoint is way off point.


It wasn’t really Frakensteined. They did it “properly” using the MSFS plugin system, which people don’t realize how powerful it really is. You can do a lot of amazing stuff using it. It’s not like they had to add any “sloppy” coding into it (sloppy as in hacks and other stuff like that).

The community is just not aware of it but Asobo did an excellent job by allowing to tap into the sim this way. It really opens up a whole new world and developers can do a lot.

That’s how other teams are doing it as well, which is exciting as we may have more helicopters soon. I know of at least a couple of other companies doing some experiments with it.


Both HPG and FlyInside are using the same strategy. The difference is in the actual code for the flight model.

Don’t know enough about the intricacies to comment so I’ll take your word for it!

Either way it’s great to see more Heli action in this sim, it’s a great way to enjoy the sights.

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Do you know what will happen when Asobo/Microsoft officially support helicopters, I mean will this early helicopters still work and will be competitive against the later ones that will bi officially supportet?
I think it’s an important point when we have high priced addons now.
For sure in the worst case they can recode the actual current models, but who knows, if this will be a priority.

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Unless Asobo changes the ability to override the flight model (which I don’t think it will happen), it shouldn’t have an impact.


So far you have developed a rotorcraft, but unfortunately it is only a fixed-wing aircraft because of the missing requirements in MSFS, no matter how it looks. Besides, the same project already exists in another simulator based on Nemeth, also as freeware.Have you already developed your own instruments based on WASM?
All no reproach, because the HC 135 is nice and for freeware even totally ok.
However, if you put yourself here without having shown anything at all, above payware developers who have been delivering for a long time, then this does not promote my willingness to buy. Rather my prejudice regarding this business model. Even if this is a game, payware is a business and businesses usually finance banks if they are promising, but not the future customers.

Not quite. Let’s be fair: they have developed their own flight dynamics. But it still needs a lot of work.

Instruments are done via HTML/JavaScript not directly through WASM, although you can use it for some logic behind it.

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Or unless Asobo will develop a more detailed flight model. I don’t know the details but Asobo and Microsoft have more manpower and more financial possibilities. We will see what they will create. :blush:

I think that’s the goal. But there are always some details developers can add on top of it. Think X-Plane, for example. It has quite a good flight model but a few developers add their code on top of it to improve it.

I know of a developer that added randomizaton to VRS after I talked to him about it and how hard it is to get into it in real life. It’s not guaranteed that you get into VRS all the time (like it happens in DCS), so they tweaked it.

Considering nothing changes, a developer that makes a full FDE for MSFS at this time should have the option to piggy-back on Asobo’s code or keep their own.

It sounds very impressive, can you tell us which model it is? :yum:

Yes, it’s the Nimbus Simulations Huey for X-Plane.

Ah thanks. I even own it. Untill now I didn’t have a VRS in it, I should provoke one to test it. :+1:t3:

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A good product requires a high level of commitment from competent people. That is clear. But they don’t even manage to adapt AddOns to the changing MSFS. Keyword: ICON A5. If this were payware, users would now have a non-functioning model. This is a great pity and hurts the image. Can this also happen with the H145?

The Icon A5 Performance Edition isn’t payware though, it’s a freeware mod and it has been consistently maintained since release and received an update as recently as April 3rd keeping it fully functional until the most recent update.

Sim update 4 was released just a week ago without any proactive copy given to our team and unfortunately it broke some functions of our Icon A5 mod. Since then we have actively been working on a solution that we hope will give that mod better compatibility with future sim updates.

For our native aircraft like the H135 & H145 we will always work to release a hotfix the same day an update drops so that the user still has a functional aircraft, for mods we would recommend that the user remove our mod until an update has been released so they can return to the stock functional aircraft.

That said, the H135 had a hotfix released the same day as SU4 and days later we held a group fly event with close to a hundred satisfied H135 pilots.

Our team has the highest level of commitment to our releases and the community that supports us, users who are apart of our Discord see this daily through our steady stream of development builds (build 388 of the H135 went out last night) and the open communication our development team has with the community.


Yeah, I don’t doubt your level of commitment…

Interesting thing happened yesterday - Aeroplane Heaven, after releasing a YouTube tutorial and a bunch of screenshots and saying how it’s just around the corner and “on final” has decided to delay the Spitfire they have been working on until they feel is a better time. Granted, their product wasn’t asking for money prior to release, and they are justified in holding off on it if they feel like it… It did, however, immediately make me think of your project. There is absolutely no guarantee that you won’t do the same - realistically. And I don’t mean to offend of accuse you, it’s a simple observation of “is this within the possible realm of developments? - Sure, why not?” So that’s just another angle to think about when contemplating why some people have an issue with the business model of this. That’s all. I am not being argumentative here, just providing my point of view as I always do. I do want you guys to succeed… I will probably be willing to pay your price once a product I can download becomes available, whether that’s a finished version or an “early access” one. I mean, I have already decided I will buy it regardless of price, but… I am in the minority in terms of my willingness and ability to spend good money on aircraft - most people either by choice or necessity have to consider price. Cheers! :wink:


I support this developer

There is nothing wrong in giving a freeware version of a good aircraft and ask for financial backing for a second, better aircraft. Since we already got the first aircraft, we will never be getting zero for our money

I didn’t purchase the H145 but it’s because of the high price and I’m generally not a fan of helicopters, no objection at all to the business model