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Here’s update # 7, hope you guys enjoy this update!



I would like to draw the attention of every single user and customer to a serious problem and error. The product is not ready for sale.

First of all I would like to thank the development team for their conscientious, precise and high quality work. We are aware that there is currently no helicopter in Flight Simulator, which is a very serious shortcoming. The team at Hype will make us the wonderful H 145 helicopter so we can finally fly a serious helicopter in the simulator.

The developer videos show that the helicopter’s external 3D model and the cockpit are of very high quality, top of the range. Impressive work. Detailed instrumentation, various effects further raise the standard.

Despite all this, the helicopter is not ready for release, because there is a very serious flaw that the developer cannot fix or cannot do anything about because of his lack of knowledge. What am I talking about? As we know, the Hype team has released their free H 135 helicopter. The flight physics, dynamics and coding of the H 135 helicopter are applied by the development team to the H 145 paid helicopter model. The H 135 helicopter model has serious problems. There is constant resonance in the model during flight. Shaking and vibration is experienced. The amount of shaking varies. From micro shaking to severe shaking. I have made several videos of the problem. Look at the clouds, labels on the dashboard, there you can also see and feel this anomaly. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy flying because of it. There are also problems with the rudder, it jerks, stalls the helicopter in many cases during use.

I’ve been testing the model for 2 months, tried all the settings but the problem still persists. Clearly the problem must be with the physics of the helicopter, the flight dynamics, or the coding.

I should add that I have a top of the range computer, I use the simulator with ultra settings, I have bought almost all the paid flying helicopter add-ons so far and they all work fine. I have not experienced any of these bugs with any of the add-ons.

I have also contacted a member of the development team who has been helpful and we have been trying to solve the problem. At the moment the developer does not know the cause of the problem. I have watched youtube videos of several users of the H 135 helicopter on the net and I have seen others experiencing the same problem.

The fact is that there is a bug with the H 135 helicopter and unfortunately if this coding, physics and dynamics are applied to the H 145 helicopter it will unfortunately be an unenjoyable model. Furthermore, I would add that it is also deceiving the consumer, as they are selling a product that is defective. The problem must be corrected, until then the H145 helicopter must not be released, even in early release.

I will be happy to help the development team and test the helicopter for them if they ask for my help. Unfortunately, last time on the Discord one member of the development team did not even respond to my request. There was also a case where I received a reply that if this bug bothers me, I should not buy the product. Not a responsible developer attitude. We know about the problem but we do not address it.

I have posted the above facts on the forum so that everyone is aware when they buy the product that it is defective. I also trust that thousands of people will read my post and the developer will fix the bug or look for the problem. This cannot continue.

I hope, and I really hope, that the bug will be fixed, because the H 145 helicopter is the most beautiful helicopter model I have ever seen.

Just to offer an opposing viewpoint - I have been using the H 135 since its initial release. The shaking you describe is pretty minor - are you sure its a flight model flaw and not just a matter of turbulence from MSFS? If it is indeed a ‘flaw’ it really feels more like turbulence to me and hardly effects my experience flying the helicopter.

I do use Puma flight controls which makes a world of difference over a simple joystick/throttle/pedal combo - not sure if those may be causing you issues? Not disputing your experience at all however, just offering up for anyone reading that opinions may vary.

Really looking forward to the H145 release!


I’ve been testing the h 135 helicopter for two months. Turbulence is not the problem. I tried all the variations to fix the bug. The developer also acknowledged the bug …

Fair enough.

For what its worth, I do not experience the same effect that is in your videos. Not discounting what you’re experiencing at all, just offering up another data point that it ‘could’ be something external to the mod itself?

I see in one of the clips that you’re using the “Basic” flight model. Have you tried it on any of the other modes? Does it make a difference?

What kind of controls are you using?

(please know I’m not trying to pander at all - genuinely offering to help…)

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For me the stutters in the flight model were greatly reduced with SU5. Without knowing anything about the H135 programming, my personal suspicion was that the code that implements the custom helicopter flight model did not get enough CPU time, so the movements did not feel smooth. AFAIK SU5 moved the instrument code (where I guess the flight model is implemented) to a separate thread, enabling it to run on a separate CPU core. This would explain the improvements that I see on my system.

In my humble opinion, we should wait for the first development release of the H145 before jumping to conclusions. Personally, I have enjoyed many hours in the H135 and I am happy to support the H145 development with my money.


I tried all the flight modes. The problem is not resolved. I have a lot of paid accessories. There are no problems with any of the accessories. The Flyinside Bell 47 helicopter works flawlessly, a wonderful job. There is a problem with the H 135 helicopter … I don’t know what the problem is, this can only be investigated by the development team …

"There was also a case where I received a reply that if this bug bothers me, I should not buy the product. "-

Hes not wrong, you know

Do you mean the game call “ MSFS”?:crazy_face::rofl:

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I agree it’s a bit premature to apply criticism of the H135 freeware to the as-not-yet-released H145 and assume that for payware the developers have not worked hard to improve their model in anticipation of actually getting repaid for hard work instead of donating it for free (or why buy the H145 when you could just fly the H135 forever if it’s all the same?!).

As a helicopter ignoramus, I’ve found the H135 works pretty well using my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke for cyclic control, my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant for collective control, and my TFRP Rudder Pedals for tail rotor control. I do a lot better job of flying the H135 using the AutoPilot mode vs. Basic Flight Mode but it’s hard to tell if my lack of skill in basic mode is like I’m slow learning to ride a bicycle for the first time or what. I find when I get outside the heli, my external camera view doesn’t always remain constant relative to the heli as it does for me with fixed winged aircraft but it may be my ignorance of some H135 setting that I should have chosen but didn’t. I never start cold-and-dark with the H135. For the H145, the developers say that a lot of emphasis is being put on making it easy for beginners to fly. Presumably when Asobo introduces helicopter physics into the sim, things can only get better. Compared to all the $$$ folks spend on hardware add-ons, GPUs, computers, monitors, a $42 pre-release cost for a 3-craft package is hardly the end of the world. If one’s free time is valuable and one is putting in hundreds of hours flying the sim in some way, one is literally burning “lifetime cash” that might be invested in other ways. Like if your time is worth $30 or $40 per hour or more, $42 for something is not the end of the world. One meal in a restaurant, here and gone, might cost as much.


I bought the H145 on first day because I also see it as a reward for the H135 with I have much fun!


Hi everyone! Development Update # 8 is out on YouTube, but more importantly we’ve released our first build of the H145 Luxury Variant to Early Access Supporters!


Just bought it. Can someone tell me how to activate the product? Do I need to complete it in ‘ActivatorApp’ ?

Yes, launch the sim and your flight.

Inside the HPG-145 folder is the activatorapp - launch this.

Find your order email and retrieve your license key and enter into the app and click unlock.

We recommend creating a shortcut to the activator and placing on your desktop so that you can easily reactivate the product when prompted in the future.

Thank you for your support!


Thanks a lot! Just to clarify, do you mean I have to launch the sim first before input the code in activatorapp?

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Some of BCP’s HPG 145 Screens.


I have just spent about two hours flying the first beta release of the H145. The modelling is absolutely gorgeous, FPS are great and the H145 feels extremely smooth, even over crowded areas like London. The team have obviously learned a lot from the development of the free H135. There is still a lot of work to be done, especially on the systems side, but for a first pre-release, this has really exceeded my expectations :+1:


just bought it…looks good however:
1)Had everything setup for the 135 (including my bravo throttle - but using this config with the 145 now can’t get it to lift off - do you have a video guide to flying it and what levers do I need to assign on my bravo to get it working?
2)Also have the pms50 (750) payware version - and don’t seem to be getting any moving maps and it didn’t seem to let me activate my navigraph on the moving map panels?any ideas how to get them working?(assume it selects my pms50 if installed…)

I just spent about 1.5 hrs with it… honestly, the hoopla about the buy-in price thing was all for nothing, it is a gorgeous model that flies very well (for a heli in msfs, and obviously I have never flown one IRL. I have 1hr on a RL Bell 47 though so I am an expert :rofl: )

For a pre-release beta it is extremely good, very fluid and smooth, great FPS, works well in VR (although sometimes the mouse pointer takes on a weird orientation) and visually it is just simply gorgeous!!

Sound too is great, it sounds exactly like the real thing (our police use one and they are stationed right next to our GA hangar)

So far I love it!

Question though, will there be a documentation/manual that comes with the release version?


Nice release ! Congratulations work the hard work!