Airbus Overhead


Does anyone know how to get the overhead onto another monitor.

I was thinking that you could navigate to a suitable view, save it as custom view and then force this custom view to be on displayed on monitor/tv 2. Which I could then mount overhead and use standard windows multi monitor mapping to just roll the mouse over the forward view screen edge into the overhead and back.

Not sure this is possible or more tricky than my dream - hence why I ask.


I dont think its possible really, the OH is not a pop out gauge so you cant undock it. Nearest I can think is to run wideview and 2 copies of MSFS but 2 PCs required

Once proper multi screen support arrives, am sure you will be able to do something like you can in P3D by creating multiple cameras, maybe hold tight for a bit.

Thanks for your reply. Did think that was the way since multiple monitor support has yet to make it, wasn’t sure if any 3rd party stuff could do it.

Guess I better go put my vote in for multiple monitors