Aircraft & Avionics Beta Now Available!

Today we’ll begin previewing Microsoft Flight Simulator’s first Aircraft & Avionics Update to all Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta participants.

This preview update primarily focuses on three key Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft: Cessna Citation CJ4, Daher TBM 930, and Cessna Citation Longitude. Please note the Cessna Citation Longitude is only available to Premium Deluxe owners. Our goal is to upgrade other key Premium Deluxe planes throughout next year. In this update you’ll also find several changes to the Garmin G3000 and Garmin G5000 Avionics Suites, the GNS 430W / GNS 530W, and a few general bugfixes based on community feedback.

Click here to read the full Release Notes.

As a reminder, if you joined the Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta during Sim Update 10 or Sim Update 11 and did not manually leave the Beta, you will automatically receive this new preview update once it is available. You can join (or leave) the Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta at any time by following the instructions provided below.


MS Store PC Users: There is always a risk that you may have to re-install the sim when joining/leaving a flight, so please keep this in mind before participating.

If you have MSFS content installed completely on a custom path, you will have a much lower chance that a full re-install will be necessary when the update is officially released. However, if your sim content is installed in the default path selected by the in-game content manager, you may have to reinstall the whole sim when moving from the test build to the public build. We recommend that those who wish to test with us ensure your sim content is located in a custom path before joining the flight to avoid full reinstallations in the future (Details on how to do this can be found here. The best set up would be for your store app to live on the default C: drive and sim content on a custom drive.

Please remember if you decide to join the Beta and install the build, you will likely have to re-install your sim if you wish to leave the Beta before it ends. If you did not opt out of the last Beta, you will automatically stay in this Beta and receive the next build.

In addition, while in Multiplayer Mode, you will only see users who are in the same build as you.


  1. Open the ‘Xbox Insider Hub’ on your PC or Xbox (or install it via the Microsoft Store if you do not have it yet).
  2. On the left side, click ‘Previews’.
  3. Look for ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta’ and select ‘Join’ or ‘Manage’.
  4. From the list of Groups, select ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator – Sim Update 11’ and click Save.
  5. Wait for the registration to complete, then restart your Xbox console or PC—this prompts the Store to refresh and get the update.
  6. After restarting, launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and you’ll be prompted to update.
  7. If you don’t wish to restart immediately after joining, you can wait a few hours for the Store refresh and get the update, then launch the game.

If you would like to leave the pre-release test before it ends and re-install the live build, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the ‘Xbox Insider Hub’ app.
  2. Navigate to ‘Previews’ > ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta’ .
  3. Select ‘Manage’.
  4. On the left side, select ‘Leave preview’.
  5. Wait for the unenrollment to complete, restart your Xbox or PC, then launch the game.
  6. PC Users: If not on a Custom path, you will have to reinstall the sim to restore the prior build.


  1. Open your Steam Library

  2. Right-click Microsoft Flight Simulator

  3. Click “Properties”

  4. Click “Betas”

  5. Select “flight_sim_beta – Sim Update 11”

  6. If you would like to exit the pre-release test before it ends and revert back to the live build, follow these instructions:

  7. Open your Steam Library

  8. Right-click Microsoft Flight Simulator

  9. Click “Properties”

  10. Click “Betas”

  11. Select “None”

Thank you and we look forward to your feedback! Click here to access the Beta Forum Categories.