Aircraft Boneyard

If you’re interested in seeing one of the largest aircraft boneyards in existence, do yourself a favor and check out the following coordinates. Just enter the following coordinates into the search box in the world map. You’ll be glad you did!

32.167217, -110.853022

It’s all represented in photogrammetric glory. Be sure to check out the Pima Air & Space Museum in the same area as well. If you want more info on the planes you’ll see, be sure to check out the Davis–Monthan Air Force Base wikipedia page.

Happy flying!


Hey @halo3sixty, and welcome to the forums!

Very familiar with the area but surprisingly hadn’t visited yet in MSFS. All I can say is, WOW!

Thanks for the reminder!

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As a retired Lockheed guy, it is remarkable how many Lockheed products are there. Amazing, really.


Thanks @Sartanius for the welcome! It’s great to be here with like-minded enthusiasts of this great sim.

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Wow that’s decent!


Thanks for the coords!

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Haha! Your livery is AWESOME! Wow, fantastic screenshots. Very nice.

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Wow-love the livery and awesome screenshots. Will have to check out the boneyard for myself-perhaps with the drone camera!


So many C-5’s. My old office in the sky. Ah, memories. Thanks for sharing the coordinates.

Basically it’s at KDMA - Davis Monthan AFB so KDMA will get ya there, too. Just get airborne and have a quick look around and bam, LOTS of planes.

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I am flying the 172 (analog) on a Trip from San Diego to Tucson to see the boneyard, of course it is a IFR flight (I follow roads). Yesrterday night I landed at Yuma Rolle Airport, tonight the second leg to tucson

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This got an well-intentioned update in the new USA scenery pack, but unfortunately they really messed it up for airplane buffs wanting to explore the scenery.

Before, it was fun to fly over and see Phantoms, S-3s, B-57s, and all sorts of other cool old planes in there. The photogrammetry was at times messed up (see C-5 shot above), but still cool to explore.

Now they’ve replaced most of the photogrammety planes with real models. But not representative of the planes they’re replacing. There are hundreds and hundreds of identical F-16s, in multiple sizes. There are giant F-16s and tiny P-3 orions. Most of the boneyard is now C-5s, F-16s, and multiple sizes of P-3s. :frowning:

IMHO it was better before, trees growing out of C-5s and all. I wonder if I can remove the updated area from my USA scenery download? Or can the add-on be disabled if I’m flying around Tucson?

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Multiple size Chinooks, too…

The one aircraft type that I was looking for wasn’t there… “Tomcats!” No F-14’s to fly over.
Yeah, they’ve gotta do something about those trees growing around and through some of the aircraft…

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If you want to fly around the original boneyard scenery (which, despite some significant photogrammetry artifacting, has tons of really interesting planes around, including @MistahMoose5494’s Tomcats, a bunch of Phantoms, the YC-14 prototype, and much more), you can temporarily move the microsoft-usa-point-of-interest folder from your \Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore to the root of your drive (which moves instead of deleting it, so it’s instant) and then start the sim, and you’ll get the Photogrammetry scenery at Davis Monthan. Then you can move the folder back to the \OneStore folder when you’re done with your flight, which will restore the POIs.

Lots of cool stuff for aviation buffs in the original version, even if it doesn’t look as clean as the updated scenery:

Then there’s the updated version, where the enemy cowers in fear of our new Giant F-16s and the tiny P-3 Orions we will use to sneakily hunt his submarine fleet. :slight_smile: