Aircraft cfg

When are we going to get access to the cfg in delux for aircraft can’t do anything with the aircraft at the moment surely its not that hard to sort out


Fairly certain that was intentional to help prevent piracy. It’s not like they only know how to present an unencrypted version for default planes and couldn’t figure it out on the deluxe ones.


It’s not hard at all. The deluxe and premium planes are considered “paid” aircraft, unlike the default aircraft. It’s the same as paying for third-party aircraft that you then download. So the answer is that we will most likely “never” access to the core files of those planes, and anyone who hacks the decryption is doing so illegally.

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I wish I had known that before I bought the Deluxe version I would have kept my money in my pocket all I want to do is remove the co-pilot and be able to change the rego on the a/c

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In my case, any time I start to feel like that, I remind myself off all the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on other sims, add-on aircraft, scenery, utilities, and on and on.

This sim and its planes will get better. It’s just going to take some time.

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You do NOT need access to the content of the Aircraft .fsarchive files to

  1. Remove the Co-Pilot ------- ( zap the select Co-Pilot Model - rename it )
  2. Change the Registration Number – That’s an Option on the UI to set the Reg Number

Just be sure you can restore it easily if you want to fly a passenger jet. If you’re going to be realistic, those aren’t certified for single pilot operation.

lol I am sure that is a MAJOR concern to anyone convinced that they need to be able to remove the Co-Pilot in the first place.

Personally, I don’t mind the Co-Pilot being thre, but I wish he would take his Sun Glasses off at night, when it is pitch dark !!!

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Thanks for your reply
Remove the Co-Pilot ------- ( zap the select Co-Pilot Model - rename it ) how do you zap it I don’t understand

Which plane?

Cessna 172 classic and C-152 Aerobat

Well I rekon if you buy something you should be able to do as you please with it like buying a new car you don’t have to go to the factory that built it and say you want to change the tyres do you same deal sport

For many years, MS have given piracy concerns priority over customer inconvenience, in particular with Windows and Flight Sims. It’s part of their business model, so we have to put up with it.

Crappy old world we live in now I am glad and over 70 :grinning:

I was wondering – I’m 65 myself, and haven’t been called “Sport” since I was a teenager! :slight_smile:

Chaezaa is EXACTLY right. I’ve made my living in software development for 40 years and the only rights typically given to a user is the right to “use” the software. That is why we’re called “users”!

Worse, we’re only given rights to use the software for its intended purpose. And if the software is sold as a service, then we are usually signing away any rights if that service is discontinued.

We don’t “own” the planes, don’t actually have rights to modify them, can’t take Asobo’s models, tweak them, and sell them as our own, etc.

Even though the sim is digital and can’t exist outside a computer, it’s still a tangible, valuable, product that deserves to be protected from pirates.

maybe better to just accept the Co-Pilot then, and move on – plenty of more important things to do in MSFS, than kick the Co-Pilot out … after all, you never know when you might need his help to land the plane or talk to ATC.

Yeah might as well call it a day and move on

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