Aircraft Development (BF 109G6)

The BF 109 was developed in Germany and became the backbone of the German Luftwaffe. Several different variant’s of the aircraft were developed and used by the German military, and a handful of other countries. Though this aircraft had several advantages and disadvantages during WWII, to this day, it’s still a very respected fighter. To honor aviation from both sides of history, it would be amazing to see developers recreate this aircraft for FS2020. Please give this a thumbs up if you agree!

In recognition of the developers, thank you for all you’ve done with this simulator thus far! Your fan’s are very much looking forward to the development of more WWII and modern aircraft. Aviation is awesome!

26 May 2021 - Request has been answered. Thank you FlyingIron Sims!


Actually I hope next vintage aircraft we will have would not be a fighter.

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I’d also love to see the B17 - The A2A developer’s did a pretty good job with their model.


C17 also another great one. Hope I can see it soon in MSFS.

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Would love to see a B29 Superfortress.B17 Flying fprtress.B25 Mitchell and a Lancaster.Just to Start!!

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A B-24 and a Mosquito would also be nice.


Would you change the title please? I thought there was a BF-109 in development from your title.


Yep they would be nice to!!

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Sure will, thanks

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Is it possible to incorporate BF 109s that worked with older variants of MS FS (X)? In MS FSX it was possible to copy “Aircraft folder” into the main Aircraft directory.
Thanks in advance.

I wish it were that simple lol

Boy do I have some good news for you…

-FlyingIron Sims


BAe Jetstream 41

Oooooooo please tell me that’s the F!

It’s the G-6!


B-17, B-24 and Lancaster!

Flight replicas 109G imports well into msfs…

Wow! Thank you!

Hope its coming along smoothly! I’m still looking forward to this!

How’s the current state of development?
Can’t wait to get my hands on it!