Aircraft DHC-8-100 (200-300-400)

De Havilland Canada Dash 8
Dash 8-100
Dash 8-200
Dash 8-300
Dash 8-400


With «Widerøes» liveries / color / design :grin::grin:

I’m hoping that Majestic bring their Dash 8 to MSFS but I’ve not heard anything about that possibility. It’s a wonderful plane.


Majestic said eventually they plan to, but they are waiting for the platform to become more stable, which means they aren’t far into it if they even started at all. Which means it’s either years away, or Majestic will stay in P3D.

I dont think they will make it to msfs2020 unfortunaly, they said the sim isn´t stable enough yet but pmdg and aerosoft manages it really well it seems like.

Either they work on it in full secret or else they are lazy… just see what Fenix, PMDG and Aerosoft have made already :slight_smile: