Aircraft Failures "Armed" values won't register #XBOX

After I have turned “Enable failure” and “Armed” to ON, any value put in to “Fails in (minutes)” and “To (minutes)” won’t stick after I close the menu.
It’s back to “0” again when you open the menu.
Every aircraft and different failure I have tried, has the same outcome. The aircraft spawns with that failure, as it thinks you armed it to fail from 0 to 0 minutes.

This is still present after SU6.
No replys to this topic, so is no one else having this problem?
Come on Xbox-crowd! Can´t belive Im the only one.


I,m having the same problem.
It occurs with every airplane.
I’m also playing in Xbox


YES! Thank you!
I belive this is an easy fix to get the values to stuck, but not so easy to get people to pay attention to the problem.


I am having the same problem. Any solution?


I bought an Xbox over the Christmas period and I am having the same problem which is a real shame. Did anyone discover a solution to this bug?


No solution found and it’s not solved after the last update.
It’s still occuring in the beta test environment too


Same issue. Should be an easy fix.

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I have the same issue. I play on Xbox Series X. This feature never work since the launch on xbox.

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Let’s keep activity up on this thread. Day one bugs should be fixed by now and MS should acknowledge this persistent, easy-to-reproduce bug.

I’m gonna drop MS a bug report and I suggest everyone do the same.

To send bug report (can’t paste link here):

  1. Google “flight simulator FAQ”
  2. Navigate to top result (zendesk page)
  3. Navigate to “How to report a bug”
  4. Click on the link “Fill out the big report form”
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Dear all, im on the xbox series x, ive been trying to post the sane issue and i have exactly the same problem and i want to get it fixed

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Yeah this is getting ridiculous. It’s a bug that’s been present since day 1 and across updates, is easily and consistently reproducible, and (presumably) very simple to fix.

See my post above on how to submit a bug report, since this thread obviously isn’t getting any attention from MS.

Same issues failure set times dont work on xbox

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Not working

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Brief description of the issue:

When you set up a failure in the world map, no matter which aircraft or where you fly it will occur instantly when beginning the flight on the runway, no matter If you Get it to fail in 10,000 minutes or zero. Each time you close the window and come back the timer is set to zero again.

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just make a flight.

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Xbox series X

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Am I the only one still having this issue? There is still no way you can arm the failures on Xbox X.

Im new to msfs202 but This situation is horribly wrong. It is one of the features which I paid for and it is broken since forever. How come? Ticket send.

I just bought the game back in November and it was like that since then and I read on the different forums that it seems to be like that since 2020. However, I think you don’t have this issue on PC.

I play on xbox only (no way I will go back to the desk) , so for me this is a big problem. Setting up a failure occurence between in 999999min (alomost not possible - but possible) give me this additional bounus of real world unpredictability and beauty. Lack of this functionality keeps me away from buying anything else from hangar and cool down my expectations towards msfs2024.

Why this thread is not allready tagged as “bug-logged”?