Aircraft in level flight leaning to right

I’ve noticed when I fly the TBM and Bonanza that I can’t see to get the aircraft to fly level. It’s always wing down to the right. Anyone else have this problem or know a fix for it. Driving me crazy. Thanks

Controller dead zone?

Don’t think so, some aircraft fly straight and level. I’m using a HoneyComb Alpha and Bravo.

Yep, had the same thing on the CJ4 from working title on a flight from TNCM to Key West. Head wind was 12 knots. No reason for continuous bank.

try changing fuel tanks.

Your rudder is at almost full deflection to the right, in the first pic the rudder trim is neutral so it’s not a trim/AP issue, it’s a controller binding/conflict issue.


Thanks, that’s what I thought also. Working on correcting it now. It has something to do with the rudder pedals.

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That’s usually an indication that you are using the wrong, legacy flight model. Switch back to modern.

Got my problem solved, went back and redid all the bindings in the Thrustmaster rudder pedals and all is well again :slight_smile:

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