Aircraft load sideways

Since today’s update when I click fly now the aircraft loads facing sideways on the runway.

Which airplane and runway? I always start in parking but I can test.

Does it do this if you spawn at a parking spot or gate, or only a runway spawn?

I get the issue with multiple planes. Here is a short video testing 4 planes at random airports. The only plane of these 4 that did not have the issue was the 787. Other planes were the experimental A32NX, vanilla KingAir and WT CJ4. I emptied my community folder earlier and the vanilla A320 does the same thing. The airplane spawns in the wrong spot, and the wrong heading with no parking brakes and the engine generally dies immediately on spawn in. A couple examples on Twitch.

Thanks for your input. Of course once you responded the problem hasn’t happened again. Just another msfs glitch.

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