Aircraft Loading in Wrong Direction at KMSY Gate 21

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Aircraft loads in backwards at the gate.

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Who else New Orleans or other airports loading in worng way at the gate?

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Hey there, @Brice5884. I moved your post to the #bugs-and-issues:airports category since the issue pertains to an airport gate.

Also, to make your report as specific as possible, please list the airport ICAO code and the exact gate number you were loading into for your screenshot. It is best to give the dev team the most information you can about an issue.

Once you add that information, we can update your thread title to be more specific as well.

Thank you so much I thought I put it in the right place

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I verified this happens at KMSY Gate 21.

Do you think it’s because of world update 10?

Same issue only if GSXPro is loaded with MSFS2020.
If i close Couatl before loading my flight, my airplane is in right direction…

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