Aircraft management page

It would be great to have an aircraft management page, similar to the control assignments management page. This would allow you to change the tab under which a particular aircraft appears (i.e propellers, turboprops, airliners etc)

It could also allow you to make new categories, Modern military, WWII etc.
Looking at the aircraft selection page at the moment it looks like there is an intention to do this eventually, there is room for more tabs to be added.

What do you think?

And also MSFS could remember aircraft registration per aircraft or livery

It will be there one day.
Right now, other issues seems to top the lists.

This is a cool idea. I’ve been thinking it’d be cool to be able to see in a central location how much flight time you’ve got in each aircraft. I know some of them have an hour meter, but not all. Orrrr maybe I’m just missing something. Would love it if I’ve just missed where I can check that.