Aircraft Manifest Report Spreadsheet

Hey folks,
I have noticed that you cannot save input fields in the Weight and Balance menu for later, so I have come up with a spreadsheet that allows you to do this, and quickly come back to these values later in the future if you want to do the same flight again. What I like to call this is the Aircraft Manifest Report, version 1!

What you do is input your plane’s maximum payload and fuel limits. Then create a flight plan via SimBrief or a flight planner of your choice. In the generated OFP, find the Fuel and Payload numbers, and input it into the “Targeted Fuel” & “Targeted Payload” cells in the spreadsheets.

Once that’s done, add to your fuel and payload until you meet your targeted numbers. If you are under your flight plan, the spreadsheet will tell you you have space remaining on your flight. If you add too much fuel or payload, the spreadsheet will tell you that you have too much.

It will also convert numbers from lbs to tons & kilograms, however not vice-versa(I’m not sure how to do that.)

This is my first attempt at a spreadsheet, so feedback and tips much appreciated!

v.1.01 updated. Changed the engines column. Name the tanks that you want. Self-explanatory.

i like it, will work with any aircraft

Appreciate it.

Yes, will work with any aircraft. I had originally intended this for the A320, but I decided it could work with any aircraft.

I have also noticed that the menu just doesn’t like numbers typed for some reason, so just add a few more lbs to your fuel or payload as it’s always better to have more. You’ll know what I mean when it happens!

edit: So after just releasing this I have realized that the engine listing is only for A320… Will have to re-think how to build this column.