Aircraft Realistic Lights Addon Is For My Eyes Only?

If I purchase an addon to enhance my aircraft lights, will the other players see my enhanced aircraft lights in multiplayer?

Good question
I don’t think so, But I’ve seen a 747 doing barrel rolls and A320 hovering over water.
So your guess is a s good as mine. :rofl:


No, everyone only sees what’s installed on their PC

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Nope, if you buy the addons on enhance aircraft lights, you will see multiplayer have the enhanced lights on your view even if they don’t purchase it.

But other players who do not have the enhanced aircraft lights addon, they won’t see your enhanced lights either.

This is just poor model matching done by the sim. If the multiplayer is on an acrobatic aircraft which you don’t have installed, your sim will assign a generic aircraft in this case a 747 in its place and it will behave the same way as what that player does in their session. Same with hovering. If the other player is flying a helicopter that you don’t have installed, then your sim will assign A320 in its place, making it look like an A320 hovering.

So you are only able to see enhancements/mods that only you have installed, not other people’s.

Hello @SpikyHarp4,

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The Wishlist is for requesting features in MSFS that are not present.

I think Microsoft should at least have all the aircraft and liveries on the server, that are sold on their own marketplace, in order to be able to display them correctly in multiplayer. Because the aircraft have a very large amount of data, these could be reduced versions of the textures and details, or there could be a system setting that can adjust the quality depending of your download capacity and computer power

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That could make for some interesting multi-player landing challenges.

That’d be unlikely to happen. Because in order for you to download and install the landing challenges, you require the aircraft set for that challenge to be installed as well. So, in a multiplayer landing challenges, everyone in that landing challenge would have the required aircraft and livery installed anyway, so you’ll never see incorrect model matching in this case.

This is an idea that sounds good in theory, but very difficult to apply in practice. First there’s licensing and copyright stuff that needs to be addressed. You’re installing the livery on a PC for a user that has purchased it, but now you’re also installing them to the remaining of the entire MSFS user base that has not purchased the livery on a read-only basis. There’re too many things that can go wrong here, people can start reverse engineering the read-only one to make it into a flyable aircraft, potentially pirating the product. Even when we’re talking about low-quality model and livery, that’s an additional piece of work that the developer would have to do before they can publish their content.

And then how do we determine the scale and the scope? For example, I don’t care if any Live Multiplayer out there is flying on the DC-6. I don’t want to waste valuable storage space to download an aircraft and livery that I don’t want to see or ever use.

The only way that I can think of that is even remotely possible is to have a standardised registry of aircraft type database that’s completely separate from the developers developing the aircraft. Make this model to be a mandatory content to download but at least they are all optimised with low-poly and low detail that doesn’t take too much of resources.

This database would contain ICAO aircraft designation code followed by airline ICAO code, followed by livery registration number. This database has to be centralised and open source. All we need is a 3D model of each ICAO aircraft designation, and the livery for each airline ICAO code that’s mapped to that specific 3D model, the livery registration number is optional and only used for those special edition livery variants.

Any new aircraft/livery created for MSFS, has to be registered against this database. If the aircraft is new, it needs to be created with the traffic 3D model and the livery and register it to that central database. That way, any livery creator don’t need to create a separate traffic livery, simply standardised their metadata to match the ICAO codes above, and MSFS will automatically match the livery from the central database (not directly from the developer’s content files).

The only limitation to this approach is because it is open source, it needs to be given full permission by the copyright holder to have the 3D model and livery designs to be placed in this open source environment that everyone can access for free. So any model would have to be built from the ground up by the community or Asobo team.

I think I used the wrong terminology.

What I meant was, it could make for some interesting group flights - particularly BYOH (Bring Your Own Helicopter) flights that included challenging helipad landings. I’d like to see an A320 perched on an oil rig platfom. :smile:

Not necessarily. I see hovering comanches (not the helicopter ones).

You don’t have to download all the planes with there liveries. They are on the Microsoft server like the streaming landscape or photogrammetry and will be load on the fly wenn the plane is visible. Now you are able to choose between gegenric plane and the detailed once in you have installed. Then you can choose between generic for slow pc as now and the real once on the MS Server to stream. So if they are streamed while playing there is a way that you don’t have access to the models. I think it’s no problem to have that in the license of the marketplace and it’s a kind of advertising if one sees a plane finding it nice an buying it too.

But… can you imagine the extra stutters every time it has to load in every single plane and livery… and the general outcry about that? :rofl:

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I suppose that could work, but just like @Baracus250 said. There’s too many things that could go wrong and impact the peformance with the streaming and the stutters.

I have a 1 gbps internet connection, and even I have to turn off Photogrammetry entirely because it could drop my FPS from a stable 30 to a stuttery unplayable 10 fps (and that’s when I’m not even looking at the scenery with my camera). livestreaming 3D objects and textures is a really bad idea in my experience. It’s better to just download it and let them rendered offline and locally. But the drawback is that it will take more storage space. So again, different people would have different experience, so how do you balance the two? it’s good in theory, but difficult to apply in practice.

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Well, MS and Asobo have brought this prestigious object to life. Many challenges have resulted in good solutions in hardware and software development over the last 40 years. The FS is not just a game for MS but requires new techniques to be researched. I don’t want to list them here. But what goes on here in a playful way is needed far beyond that in various specialist areas.
So run to the ‘guns and load them up’.:cowboy_hat_face:
Guys. shows what is possible. :grin:

BTW: this also includes expanding the capacity of streaming services. I only have a 300mb line which is underutilized when flying in good photogrammetry scenery. But sometimes the data just doesn’t come because EVERYONE is flying at the weekends.
Regards. Ralf