Aircraft request a default Boeing 757-200

I am requesting a default Boeing 757 200 Passenger model with winglets for all platforms sometimes it’s better to have a mix of older aircraft instead on just the newest aircraft

Hi Kayak,

I’m hoping one of the existing 3rd party devs who have done great 757’s for FSX and P3D will deliver the full 757 range. I fly the QW 757 in P3D and love it. They have the full range including freighters available in that sim.

I completely agree that we need some proper older jets. I’m very much looking forward to the F28 which as far as I know will be the first proper old school jet for MSFS.


I wish a team like fbw started doing Boeing’s would that team be called team MCAS To be like the Boeing component to fly by wire’s airbus series?

It doesn’t really work like that. There is a huge amount of work and skill involved in building simulator models, even for early simulators like FSX and P3D. Typically something like a 757 would take a year or more to build from scratch.

I know I was just making a joke about the team name

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Well you can still hold out for the Level-D 757(aka the greatest vapourware addon for FS)

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There are a ton of 3rd party airliner projects in flight (no pun intended). It will be some time before many of them especially free aircraft are available.

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Just out of personal curiosity,

why would ASOBO create the 757-200 for free?

ASOBO is creating aircraft, but they cost money.

I assume that the wish would be for a free aircraft, as the words default and fbw team were mentioned.


Well we need something flyable to make up for the 787 mess in that size category

I do think it would be really awesome if it ended up being a joint venture like quality wings and Asobo I would definitely pick up the dlc if that happened like how Asobo and aerosoft are teaming up to give us the ATR

All I can imagine is QualityWings or FlightFactor when I read this thread when it comes to the B757/B767