Aircraft Request Aggregation

So I read through all the aircraft request posts that I could find near the top of this forum. A lot of people are making non-aircraft requests and aircraft request posts are actually quite rare. For what it’s worth, in the last 3 days people have been asking about the following 12 aircraft with more than 3 mentions each:

Boeing 737 (8 posts)
De Havilland Dash 8 (8 posts)
Quest Kodiak (5 posts)
BAC 1-11 (4 posts)
Piaggio P.180 Avanti (4 posts)
Douglas DC-3 (4 posts)
De Havilland Beaver (3 posts)
Cessna 337 Skymaster (3 posts)
Piper Cherokee (3 posts)
De Havilland Twin Otter (3 posts)

There are also 13 aircraft with just 2 posts and a total of 40 aircraft with just 1 mention.


Well I want the C-5A - C-17 - C-141 Starlifter - C-6 - C-130 New Engine/Prop Version - F-14 - TA-4J Skyhawk - F-4 Phantom. For Civilian, Boeing 737 - 737 Max When available. Maybe the Spitfire and the Mustang from WW-II.

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From a completely unbiased view. I’d say the 737 would probably be used the most but its also really close to the NEO and the Dreamliner so I feel like they should diversify. Dash 8, Majestic Software has already said theyre converting theirs. Its a very high quality model imo so dont think Asobo should focus on that one. The Kodiak would be perfect cause its slow, but somewhat fast for a prop, and its an amphibian. Feel like it would be a big sell and the best airplane to start the amphibians/float planes with. The Piaggio Avanti II is my fav on the list but im also biased because I fly it. Its a super unique and fun aircraft. Fastest Turboprop in the world, most spacious cabin for the type…etc All just my opinion :slight_smile: No one has done a good Avanti II for the sim ever so it would be great if Asobo did. Also no high quality Kodiak has really been done. There have been pretty decent Skymaster, Cherokee and Otter done for FSX though.

Hello third party developer,

I would like to start with the Airplane below.

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And I would like to have this beauty in FS2020:


This would be so cool!

I nominate the:
Piper PA-140 and -160 Cherokees
Cessna 400 Corvalis
V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza
Mooney M20 series

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I’m looking for a high quality Piper Pacer PA-20. I had many wonderful memories as a kid flying around in this taildragger.

I would love to see someone develop a model of the Helio Courier… I’ve had many chances to ride around in them and am always impressed with the C/STOL capabilities of it. Not sure if they would be able to model the effects of the leading edge slats

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Would love to see the Kodiak! :slight_smile:

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B-24 Liberator

I second the V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza

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Douglas DC-3, Douglas DC-3
and a
Grumman G-21A Goose

Messerschmitt Me 262.

Tecnam P2012 Traveller


I am a fan of steam gauges. Maybe because I learned to fly an old DR400 almost 30 years ago.
For me, I would like to have the good old B737-200, The PBY Catalina, the Pilatus PC7, The Corsair F4, the Bell Jetranger and above all the most beautiful fighter jet in the world, the Hawker Hunter.

Hi there,
Just a heads up that I moved this out of Wishlist because a) A vote for this is a vote for all of the aircraft in the first post, and b) It’s also a topic about other wishlist topics and therefore duplicative in that category.
Thanks for your understanding!

The Kodiak, definately, with a G1000 setup. It’s a great bush plane, has decent payload, and flies nicely.

Hello the Spitfire is all ready available Not on MSFS home page but if you type spitfire in google for MSFS it’s there to purchase for £20 :+1:t2:

I’d love to see an Embraer ERJ 195 come to the game that aircraft looks awesome to fly