Aircraft Selection Window

Anyone experiencing issues with a very small window in the Aircraft Selection Option in Dev Mode. Will try to make this short, I swapped out to a larger and Faster SSD… Reinstalling MSFS, I put the Standard (Initial, Small) Package on my Root drive (C) Then once the Sim Initialized I installed all of the Premium, ETC… Packages and Updates onto the New SSD. I am using ADDON LINKER for Both my Community and ORBX Folders linked to the Community Folder that is found on my SSD… Before all of this, I had a very large List window with all of my Aircraft and their various Liveries listed, and could easily scroll through and select any of them. Was quite nice while painting aircraft etc… Now, all I get is this tiny little window which I can not make bigger and it barely lists the aircraft I am flying. I have downloaded, installed, and Refreshed the SDK files, and closed and restarted the Sim several times to no avail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

The window should be re-sizable …

The stretch point is the bottom right corner.

I thought I tried that, but must have missed the corner… will try again. Thank You for pointing that out!!! I may have just tried the sides and bottom…

That did the trick, thank you very much for taking the time to help… I’m so used to just grabbing the sides of windows and resizing them to fit my needs I never thought about just grabbing the corner. All good now!

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