Aircraft self shadow turn off

Is there anyway to turn the self shadow on the aircraft? They look awful, I would much rather not have them on, they just keep flickering super weird.

Huh, never heard of that? Can you provide any video or screenshot of which shadows you exactly mean? There are at least two types of shadows which are displayed on the aircraft…

Do you mean this kind of stuttering shadow?

Those are TAA artefacts I believe.

Watch the top of the building in this video, and you will see the same thing. You also see it testing behind aircraft flying in front of clouds.

Uh ok this seems to be a Radeon driver problem. I have severe shadow problems in King Arthur Knights Tale (but whatever I don´t really like turn-based combat games anyway…).
Please try texture filtering and antialiasing options in the Radeon driver :slight_smile: maybe this helps.
Aircraft self-shadowing can maybe be disabled in the config.ini where the rendering distance can be doubled.

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