Aircraft Wish List

Not everything needs to be for free… :hugs: I’d love to see Wright’s Flyer in Market place… when MSFS can run a Blériot, they can run Wrights too…


Possibly the most beautiful sport aircraft ever designed, the forerunner of the famous SF-260, Stelio Frati wooden masterpiece, the Falco F8

If any talented model creator will ever do justice to the Falco F8, I will buy it day one!

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Topic should be in the Wishlist category

You might be interested then that the B-314 has just been released at the PILOT’S store!

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I thought this project was dead years ago… VERY interested, thanks for the heads up and for reviving her in MSFS!


I would love too !


Airbus A350
ATR 42/72
Bombardier Dash 8
Cessna 210T
Cessna Skycourier
Cessna Tomahawk
Embraer Brasília
Embraer Xingu
Embraer KC390
Embraer Praetor 600
Fokker 50
Gulfstream G800
Pilatus PC24

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good luck I’m pretty not to enthusiastic or this game getting anything more than one A320CEO one bad modeled A320NEO and the typical PMDG 737 not even word on the MAX this product is very lackluster and gatekept by a community of which I will hold my tongue .

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I’d like all of those for Xbox.

Really just a few of Xbox planes.

737,series, hamster cage models
C/ac 130
C5 Galaxy / c17
Bae 146
Airbus models not yet on Xbox (330,340,350,380)
B1 bomber
B2 bomber
Kc-135 tanker with ability to refuel planes with probes in flight

That’s just odd the top on what I really wish the Xbox market place had. Legit planes not skins not captain sim or ê

The rest are just kinda wish/what ifs.

747 with space shuttle on top
Space shuttle (entry mission flying brick )

Modes like forest fires and and planes that could put them out (like the plane that lands on a lake and fills as it’s gliding along the water and then takes off to do another run) heli rescue missions (off ships sinking or in bad weather or off submarines) etc

Kc-135 fuel tankers and missions for it i.e. to refuel planes on long haul trips.etc or just cool inflight refuel missions for jets helps etc

Skydiver missions

Missions period like in the landing missions bush trips.etc.e5c. would be a neat addition from Asobo

YF-23 Black Widow II
Boeing SST(2707?) Concorde type experimental supersonic transport
Lockheed SST/L2000 I think(again Concorde type experimental supersonic transport)

The Learjet the airforce/nasa made with engines that had afterburner on the engines (had to plate around the rear of the engine on the plane so as to not heat the tail vertical stab up and burn it off but it worked and flew and one was made).

Sorry for lokgnlistm but really the top 20 planes. 737, md80, sr71,c5/17,ac130spooky or newest version that shoots paintballs, kc135.with tailboom/drag drones that really refuel,b1(bone) b2 Spirit, a380.


A Lake Renegade would be really fun to fly

Citation II, III, IV, V
B-737-200, 300, 400
DC-8 y DC-9
A-340-200, 300, 500
Learjet 35
Atr-42,72-200 y 300
F-16A y B

If you dosent happy, fell free to unistal e be happy.

In order:

A proper CRJ and ERJ lineup
An L-1011 or DC-/MD-10

The ATR-42 would have been top 3 so I’m happy about Tuesday.

I want some more business jets, especially something a little older, but maybe I need to try the vision jet or H jet.

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Oh long since done so being enjoying P3d V4 instead.

Zlin Z42M. 142, 242

C’mon, this has to be on the list and near to the top surely, several of these restored to flying condition now. I’m pointing the finger at Flying Iron Simulations for the job.

Two Merlins - gotta be twice as good as a Spit :wink:

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I would love to see a Fokker f50 along with a Fokker F70


One that would intrigue me would be the 747 with the space shuttle attached. On reaching orbit you could hop out of the 747 and into the space shuttle. Perhaps do a lap of the moon and return.

And yet another Mozzie takes to the air in New Zealand and still no sign in the Sim. All those in favour - gang up on Flying Irons :wink: