Aircraft Wish List

I want ASOBO to add these aircrafts to MSFS. For free please :smiley:

-McDonnell Douglas MD-90
-Airbus A330
-Airbus A340-600
-Airbus A350-1000
-Airbus Beluga
-Airbus 400M Atlas
-Gulfstream IV
-Hondajet HA420
-C5 Galaxy
-Antonov 225
-Boeing 777-300ER
-Boeing 737-NG
-Bombardier CRJ-1000

And Dreamlifter

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Well i think there is no chance that those planes will be implemented for free. MS and Asobo leave that space to the 3rd parties.

What we already know that some of your wishlist planes will be developed (but no release date yet):
Aerosoft: Airbus A330 and the CRJ-700/900/1000
PMDG: Boeing 737 and 777

For the rest we dont know yet :smiley:


At the time this was created, there was no rule about only one putting one wish per topic. But now there is. So I have moved this to General Discussion.

Mine is a just for fun fictional idea for a Cessna citation regional jet based on the citation design and the size of an erj 145 if anyone wants to have fun with photo shop the name could be something like Cessna CTRJ 800

Maybe you should rephrase your request. “I WANT”.
Might be better to say “I would like to see”

I agree with you in that point that I would love to see those planes in the sim but with all due respect to the asobo dev team… If they release those aircrafts, the system depth won’t be overwhelming. Therefore I hope some 3rd party devs will take over and deliver some good quality or even better high fidelity addons.

  1. C130H
  2. C130H
  3. If everyone insists on glass cockpits C130J

And I don’t really want it from Asobo - it is obvious their forte is single engine props.


Seems like I’m not alone with my opinion :wink:

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My choice is the A400M Atlas!


My ideas continued

GoodYear Blimp
Piper Supercub
Archer aviation EVTOL
Embraer EVTOL
PJII dreamer
super petrel seaplane

For free? Lmaooo. Bruh.

PMDG 737 is currently in testing, expect to pay $75-$100 for it. I’ll be buying it

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I thought it was known the pmdg 737 was to be a $140 product??

There’s no official pricing for the 737 for FS so idk where you got that from.

Read it on a forum somewhere - nowhere official and I can’t remember where I saw it.

Project mega pack is doing a freeware 737 800 at some point built from the ground up

I’d like QualityWings to do their 787 Dreamliner for MSFS.

Oh they are working on it, but I guess a development update would be nice…

Otherwise I’d love to see:

  • Lockheed Super Constellation
  • Concorde
  • B747 Classic
  • A343
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Well i guess the hope of everyone is that PMDG will offer it’s MSFS products at a lower price because the userbase is way bigger than it ever was in P3D. Therefore MSFS can offer a lot more potential customers.

Hopefully a nice A380!

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FlyByWire will give us a nice freeware version :slight_smile:

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