Aircrafts from SAGQ : Canadair CL-215T and Canso PBY-5A

I hadn’t noticed this post until tonight, what a nice surprise!

Canadair CL-215/415/515 are among my most wanted aircraft. I will be eagerly following your work.

Thank you!


This is awesome! Now all we are missing is the firefighting addon from Lorby sim ported to MSFS and I will be very happy!

I do have a question though. Will the PBY have the classic bubbles where the MGs were?(regardless if it has MGs) or will it be the streamlined version I see on the forums? I hope you have an amazing time with your daughter!

I have been counting the seconds until we got a propper Catalina . . . <3

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For the moment the two models of PBY in progress are “water bombers” and so they are models without bubbles.
Nevertheless I plan to add a version with bubbles (non-military version) to illustrate the Air France version which were used in Pacific (
Fuselages and bubbles are ready but not included yet in the Blender project.

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Here is two videos from one of my testers in Quebec: JP Fillion.

This Alpha version, which is currently being tested by about twenty of my friends, has a functional exterior and two textures concerning Quebec water bombers.
Two other textures concerning the Canso in operation in France during the years 1960-1970 should be finalized.
A more civilian version representing the old PBY-5 used by Air France should also be in the final version.
As for the VC, it is about 30% done and there are still a few weeks of work to implement the remaining instruments and improve the cabins which are also modeled.
Of course the current version is SU7 compatible. Water dropping effects with a management of the tanks (management of the remaining weight and lightening of the plane) is already operational but following SU6 and Su7, the effects are being revised.

I specify that this aircraft will be Freeware and will be available only on our French-VFR website:


looking forward to this, thank you for your work.


The PBY project is progressing very well even if sometimes I have some problems to solve but on the whole I am happy with my work.

Problems: Trying to make a seaplane when Asobo has not yet planned a “support” is quite difficult and sometimes it is under the reality !

What is missing? Among other things, the system variables that allow to manage this type of aircraft:

  • the variables on the floats: to have drag when extending the floats I had to bypass the spoilers variables to manage this,

  • the contact points of the floats at the end of the wings: even if we define contact points on these floats, when they are folded, the wakes still appear, so we still have to work around these difficulties,

  • the opening of the tank doors, the water drop, the effects with an SDK and a Visual Effect Editor that has not stopped changing, it is not easy.

  • etc.

Nevertheless, I managed to solve these 3 big problems and a test version has already been released for more than 3 months!

I’m working on a point that is very important to me: a much more realistic animation of the propeller blades at startup.
TGibson had succeeded with D Dawson to make a spectacular animation on the DC-6 and the Convair 340 for FS9. I have found on FSDeveloper some post very interesting like this one : Custom engine starter | FSDeveloper

Unfortunately the FS9 specificities that allowed this were no longer supported by FSX and even less by MSFS. So I’m working on some Heretic’s stuff (DC-3 Enhanced) to be able to make propellers that can turn two or three times at a very slow speed (lubrication) and then launch the engine. To do this, I need to play with the management of events and be able to capture them to inhibit them and place my code in their place.

All this stuff is made without more documentations and needs huge efforts to research, understand what works and what doesn’t and test (each test takes a long time)

The project is progressing well, in fact I am currently testing this start-up animation.


Glad to hear things are progressing. Really looking forward to this!

This addon take a lot of time because I doen’t want to release an “empty egg”.

My aim is to create an addon like the C-150 Tibush (that I had created in 2014 based on the C-150 of FRAVIN & FRANKART) with a lot of functionnalities and if possible a damage mod.

Currently, I have solved my biggest problems, so I’m more confident with the work to do.


Many thanks Lagaffe for your interesting explanations.

This project continues to move forward and I am at a stage in the development process.
The management interface was added this morning, and two technical points that were bothering me have been resolved.

I’ll see if I can get a stable WIP version up and running (as soon as possible) so that those who want to test can do so. In any case, it won’t be on but on my personal website



One screen with all accessories (display managed by a tablet - screenshot at the bottom) around the aircraft when it is parked:

and the same position with the C-FNJE parked on Mirabel


Looking great! Always appreciate static display stuff!


I have obtained a stable version, a stable but development version of my Canso. Currently, I have release this version on the french forum what I moderated.
I am waiting for the first remarks during a period of 15 days (FAQ, (e.g. missing documentation, not enough explanation on how to start up, F.A.Q) and then I will put this corrected version on my website (address above)


Well, I have released a WIP version yesterday, on my website (see above for a link to French-VFR).
This addon is not finished, I have some work to do in order to acheive it. I think it will be ok for June.

Note: My website is in french and also in english. You don’t need to create an account to download, read the instructions. And no I don’t publish anymore on


Hi, first thank you for sharing your aircrafts even in w.i.p. But I could not find a downlaod link. Can you please specify where exactly on your homepage the download can be found?

Kind regards

Many thanks Lagaffe!

@JayDee6281 : search (rechercher) for canso

Thanks a lot!

Merci lagaffe!

I am about to embark on a maiden flight.