Airline Spotter Camera

A popout-able widget for a drone camera where we can position it would be nice for photography/film making and landing practice!




Bonus points if we can record and save files from this camera separately!

Yes would be nice but remember if you want that camera in one window and your cockpit in another then the program needs to render the world 2 times and will mean a lot work for the program. But ok we can always hope.

not really, it wouldnt be too much of a difference from your external view. It would be somewhere relatively near your plane maybe from a different angle so what you’d render from your cockpit is what would be rendered by the cam plus maybe a few nm, slightly more detailed near the other cam.

Render radius

Besides, that’s what all these brand spanking new CUDA cores are for! :rofl:

No matter what cam near, far wherever then it has to render the whole scene for each cam.