Airplane slow on climb with autopilot

Hi! Whenever I am climbing in the A32X plane with autopilot, my speed drops down to 180knots when I’m in the FL30 range. What am I doing wrong?

You should be fine at 30K. Please post a picture of what you’re seeing in the cockpit.

TAS Calculator (

180 at 30K ft in an airliner is crawling. There’s no calculator needed to solve the issue here. It’s something else. Depending on where you are in the world, you can get some airliners to a GS of 600+ with wind. 180 is way too slow.

Here’s the image

Not an Airbus expert but it looks like your engines are not at full throttle.

They don’t need to be. He just needs to be using climb thrust. He is.

I tried using climb thrust and the engines were still at 98% and not giving me enough thrust….

I also tried to turn off auto throttle with full power and still stuck at 180knots

I’m about to do some testing. You shouldn’t have to max out your throttle to climb. The 78X maxes out at 88% no matter what speed you set the AP to in the air(in the sim at least). This is an airliner not a fighter jet with afterburners.

I think I know what the issue is, but I need to get in an AIRBUS to make sure I’m right. I prefer Boeing, so I don’t use the BUS much. It’s not too much different though.

What do you think the problem is?

My mouse isn’t engaging the AP buttons correctly(to engage a managed climb instead of open), but I’m still able to climb and maintain a relatively-high speed. I set the speed at Mach .6, set my altitude at 38K, and let it ride. No issues. Try climbing in open climb and set a speed target. If you set it too high, at least with the default, you won’t ascend. Try what I did and see what happens.

With that said, the default version of this thing is super buggy. The V/S doesn’t seem to work at all. Very odd.

Now I get why people use the FBW version. This thing is BAD.

Don’t confuse indicated airspeed with groundspeed, while I agree that 180 kts is too slow (should not go below green dot speed), the true airspeed and groundspeed are way higher than that.

Mach 0.82 is a bit high for an A320, at such high MACH FL180 sounds too low for changeover to me. You should climb using constant CAS (example 280 kts) until MACH has increased to M0.82, then switch over to constant MACH climb. Changeover altitude depends on the climb schedule, higher CAS lowers the changeover altitude, high MACH increases the changeover altitude.

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Definitely a bug, thrust levers in the CLB detent or not, the AP should maintain target speed by lowering the nose in CLB mode which is 320 in your case (magenta above the speed tape). Depending on your weight FL350 might already be too high. Usually climb profiles used are optimised for better economy, higher speed, shorter flight time. If you want to reach your absolute ceiling you should fly green dot speed.

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I know. Either way, that’s quite slow at 30K ft in a climb.

Zero issues in the 78X. Nice, easy climb. AP works as intended.