Airport Add ons - Static Aircraft

Xbox Question.

If you buy an airport add on from the marketplace, do the static aircraft come with the liveries shown on many of the screenshot? Or will it still be the generic liveries only?

I’m wondering whether the static aircraft wirh liveries are PC mods

Airport static aircraft will inlcude the liveries.

You’re better off asking the developer. You have no way of knowing what livery packs they have installed that are being used by the sim as AI when the screenshots were taken.

Usually static aircraft are fixed objects being put into the airport addons, so the liveries they have will all depend on the developers. If they use real airline liveries for these static aircrafts, then yes they will have real airline liveries. But since they’re static, they don’t move and they’re always there which means the gate they are parked in are not available for you to use.

Personally, as I’m on PC with 100+ real airline liveries for the A320, I actually don’t want these static aircrafts to appear because they take too much of the available parking spaces and they look inconsistent with the Ground traffic that’s spawned by the sim using my livery collections. I’d rather have the sim’s Ground Aircraft Traffic to spawn using my livery collection when populating the airport gates. And I’ve made some adjustments to the game files so they can no longer use the generic livery texture as I replaced them with the three major airline alliances livery. Everything else is spawned at random, and Live Traffic with matching ICAO code will use my livery collection instead.

Sometimes developers include an option to have no static aircraft, and I always use that version whenever I can.

But as you are in Xbox and don’t have the possibility of having a livery pack to populate the airports, it’s probably better to have the static aircrafts as part of the airport addon, but just be aware that you’ll end up with only having a handful of available parking gate to use.

I think the static aircraft he’s talking about are the AI parked aircraft, as opposed to scenery fixed static aircraft.

To answer the question, the only aircraft that show “Default” liveries are the Asobo default and generic aircraft.

Any 3rd party AI parked static aircraft like the Aerosoft CRJ, P149, or Just Flight Arrows, Corsair, etc. you see will have whatever liveries it was delivered with.

If addon liveries for the default planes are set in the aircraft.cfg files to be useable as AI, then they should show up too.

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(His question was about aircraft purchased from the Marketplace, which do not use the generic liveries)

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Yep - just saw that he’s on Console. But my original answer still stands. It depends on what the dev’s had installed on their system (very likely PC) when the screenshot was taken.

Well, OP was saying about buying Airports… so I thought they were talking about the fixed static aircraft that came with the airport itself.

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I missed that, sorry, you are correct.
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Thanks for all the answers.

I’m looking at purchasing EGCC and was wondering whether I’ll get to park up next to a Wizzair A320 or just the normal generic liveries. :smiley: