Airport beacon (+ generic scenery buildings) popping in

The airport beacon tower at generic airports pops in only when you are very close to it. I tested it at EDFB. From more than about 1nm away it is invisible and suddenly appears when getting closer. The beacon light, however, is visible all the time.

Might this be a missing LOD? I believe I have seen the same happening somewhere on the forums with other similar buildings.

Secondly, flying towards Frankfurt (which is gererated from Bing maps and not a photogrammetry city), I noticed that from a range larger than about 10nm, the skyscrapers are not drawn at all even though they should already fill a significant portion of the screen. At some point, they just pop up, which is very noticeable.

Flying away from the city over the airport, when getting past the draw circle they suddenly dissappear again.

I’m wondering if there are some missing LOD settings as well for certain generic bulding types or if buildings are generally not generated past that distance. With trees and small buildings, it is not noticeable, but the screen space the scyscrapers fill is still quite large.

This might be related to the bugs of terminal walls disappearing or other LOD issues since sim update V, but I’m not an expert.

For the purpose of testing, I set the Ultra preset in the graphics menu.

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

I notice the same thing with buildings and radio towers at KERI. I’m looking for a fix too.

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