Airport Callsigns?

Is it possible for communications with airports to use the Airport name or an airport callsign instead of the ICAO identifier? E.g. “Raleigh traffic…” instead of “Kilo Tango Tango Alpha traffic…”?

You’d really want that to say “Raleigh Executive” to avoid confusion with KRDU. But I agree, it would be nice to fly into Air Harbor and not hear the W88 code every time.

But my biggest gripe is the fact that when the sim does use a name, it can’t pronounce half of them. Every time I fly into PHLI, I cringe when I hear “LEE-hyoo” instead of the correct lee-HOO-ay.

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I’ve been getting airport names on my flights. Like to “Singapore” for WSSS or “Soekarno-Hatta” for WIII. Maybe those ICAO identifier callsign is only for those small less commonly known airports.

I’d take mispronounced names over phonetic alphabet readings, it’s so long and cumbersome sounding, especially when you have to hear it over and over again for pattern practice for example.