Airport charts for VR

Yep, I too use eBag. Don’t need anything better at this stage. would love to see the equivalent of MoveVR and AviTab plugins from X-Plane but this does the job nicely for basic checklists/charts.

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yeah ebag is good, but do u also get a bug when it doesnt load an image or pdf when probably file size is too big

Haven’t seen that yet, but maybe my files aren’t big enough.

okay, i m talking about around 10mb png

I tried a 15mb jpg and it would not display, so you could be right there. I checked the logs and the tinyweb http server returned a 200 code (SUCCESS) with no errors, so not sure why that would be exactly.

Alright! Thanks for verifying.
Let’s take it to the developer!

I use SimPlates X by Dauntless.

Does it have a vr viewer? Or do you just use that to download the plates and then use ebag or similar to view?

does it support large files

When you search for a chart, sid , star , airport diagram etc. - it will download and open the applicable pdf or multiple pdfs. I wouldn’t say it has a built in viewer option. So yes, you would have to use ebag or similar to view in the sim. On the plus side, if you are going to an airport like CYXU, you just type this into the search bar and it will give you pdf s for everything you want to know about that airport.

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As an update I have also been using Ebag successfully to read the DC6 operating and tutorial PDFs in-sim. Ebag converts them into a series of image files in the folder but once in the sim it does group them into the original documents, can change document with the left/right arrows or change page with the up/down arrows

As I mentioned in the original reply, I use SkyVector and it’s free.

Here is a solution I use to watch YouTube videos in sim, which surely can be adapted.

In the WMR environment, open up whatever file in whatever app. Click the Follow Me button and that program will follow you into the game environment. Use the hand controllers to manipulate the media, and also to click between active windows (the sim or your program).

Free and easy to try and see if it works for you. I do this and it helps keep me entertained during straight and level flight over boring terrain.

I agree, best solution for this purpose as far as I know…works perfect!

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