Airport charts for VR

Hello all! What solutions/services are available to see charts in VR? I don’t want to take my headset out to look at charts every time. How r u guys doing it?
I tried this custom panel on github ( GitHub - bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-window-template: Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 Toolbar Extra Window Template ), it was apparently made with skyvector website, but the developer is saying skyvector has blocked this, so this custom panel now opens with some ipify website, which in my knowledge is of no use. I tried to workout a solution so that it opens google, it did, but then functionality got messed up.

I’m aware about simefb, but that seems like a lot of work for a payware every flight.

Any ideas are welcome!

I have SkyVector open on the Oculus virtual desktop. Then I have a button assigned on a button box that switches from VR to the virtual desktop. I haven’t found a good program that actually pulls charts into VR. For me, this option works well.

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Honestly, the best solution is to subscribe to navigraph and use their ingame panel. Very good integration and even provides a VR keyboard to enter airport codes for the charts lookup.

An other benefit is that it can retrieve your simbrief flight.


Thank u for responding! But i use WMR headset, r u aware of any similar solution for that?

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Thanks, i will try this and let u know if it works.

Thanks for the response! That sounds great, but i thought navigraph in VR was still experimental.

I’ve been using this one. You have to find the charts yourself (PDF or image file) and place them in the mod folder, and then the program converts it into readable format for MSFS. It also shows text files that you put in the folder, useful for notes on frequencies etc.

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Wow! It seems perfect. I will try and let u know. Thanks a ton!

It is but it is far and way the most immersive and reliable way to do it. The only downside at this point is that you have login again every time you start the sim but they are working to fix that. It’s been amazing for VATSIM.


There is one answer - Navigraph. Since a month or so you can run the charts app as a panel inside the sim.


This works great. Thanks again

I strictly fly airlines vr… - download their ingame panel its truly phenomenal. Cant fly without it now. Confirms all my sids/stars and my plane follows them perfectly.


okay great, i will check it out. Many ppl now have told about this


No sorry I don’t. Does WMR have a virtual desktop mode?

Well my solution is free and works for me.
Here is an install video from Navigraph. How to Install Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel for MSFS 2020 - YouTube

I may check it out depending on price and if it has any advantage over what I do. This would probably be a good solution for WMR users? Though I’m guessing since I don’t have a WMR HMD. Cheers!

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My strategy is to buy software with a perpetual license and not pay subscription fees. I have so many subscription fees that is is impossible to keep track of them and in the long term it costs me more money. Is there a non subscription option with Navigraph? I already own a sim charts program and have the latest charts.

how come u say it’s free. “You need an active Navigraph Ultimate or FMS Data subscription for it to work.”

what sim chart rogram u own

WMR has a virtual home kinda things, where u can pin apps on the walls and stuff