Airport crl7 and reinddel island do not exist

I tried to fly to Reindeer Island with airport CRL7 the runway is 3900 feet. The airport is clearly visible on google map. However if you try to go there, the island is not there?? It is the location for the famous reindeer lake lodge. which you can fly to in real life with land plane.


The airport (Reindeer Island/CRL7) shows up in the WM and VFR map, too. But if you overfly the in-sim GPS location, there’s not island or airport. If you try to depart from the airport you end up here:

The coordinates are slightly off, but there doesn’t appear to be anything at the correct coordinates either.

Same issue. Airport exists in the World Map but when starting a flight nothing there. This island/airport are missing and looks like some other islands close by too. I guess it was like that pre SU15B.

CRL7 shows closed in Navigraph (gray colored font and airfield icon), which generally is more comprehensive in airport coverage than NavBlue.