Airport EDER / Wasserkuppe wrong Runway slope

WU6 / New Airports / Germany
EDER / Wasserkuppe
RWY 06/24 : longitudinal slope is wrong.
The slope at RWY 06: 2958ft to 24: 2879ft

What about thesed terrible hills between the taxiways???

The MSFS marketplace states, that version is the latest.
The aerosoft shop states version

Is this a typo or ist the microsoft marketplace not up to date?

Hi, I think you fly on PC and with the Aerosoft Addon EDER Wasserkuppe.
I‘m on Xbox and there are no hills, but I have only the Standard Scenery.

Sure. We are talking about the addon version 1.0.1 vs. 1.

hi there,
perfect, the problem is solved!! thank’s so much and greets from Germany