Airport LFNC, Saint Crépin, Mont Dauphin

I was shopping around in the summer sales, prices for scenery are low… and some 3th party developers are really good at small airports. From the makers at FSDREAMTEAM, who also made LFEQ Quiberon

Airport LFNC, Saint Crépin, Mont Dauphin

Cute bridge…

Pub of course :slight_smile: and a person doing nothing… like tourists… LFEQ is good at it, maybe this one was the predecessor,

Some items you’d rarely find, but on this airport, sail plane carriers are everywhere :hugs:

It has a tennis court and a swimming pool… c’est bon :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can give us a link please ?

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Sure… when I want to know if they have anything new, I type “FSDREAM” in the shop, I get this,

In Marketplace, ok thanks.
I use it as less as I can, so it’s not the place I think to have a look at first.

Hehe @PlumbGlue67 my favorite place is elsewhere too, but some professional makers show art, or new things. I like that, so why not pay small amounts ? Got myself a redeem card so… may as well spend it :stuck_out_tongue: