Airport nameplates should include ICAO code

Flying in an unfamiliar area, I see only ICAO codes on the VFR map/G1000, but on the ground the airport nameplates/lollipops have the “full” name only. Sometimes I can’t match them up. It would be extremely helpful if the nameplates included the ICAO code.

I fly a lot VFR and because of that, it would be very practical, if I could check, the small airstrip I see indicated in the simlandscape - with the ‘lollipop’ - is the same one I see on the VFRmap.
At this moment at the VFRmap only ICAO codes are visible and in the simlandscape only names are shown.
Kind regards
Bram Stikkel

I heartily agree, and voted for this.

I was doing a simple flight from Sedona to nowhere (no flight plan) and saw the ‘Flagstaff’ lollipop about 12 miles away. I was running low on fuel, and decided to land there. It wasn’t KFLG (Flagstaff Pulliam.) It was a big patch of dirt surrounding a crater.