Airport parking navigation help


What platform are you on? If on PC you can actually use Little NavMap. It’s free. It pulls it’s airport data from the sim and therefore displays the correct gate and taxiway info as far as the sim is concerned.

Be aware, the sim does not use real world data so real world charts will be useless to you.

Also, even Little NavMap can’t help if sim ATC send you to generic “General Aviation parking”

If on Xbox there isn’t much/anything available to you.
However, if you have a laptop or PC you could install Little NavMap on it and manually upload the airports database from the game.

(It might be an idea for these forums to host the updated data files for exactly this purpose but anybody with a PC install and Little NavMap would be able to copy them for you.)

There are also maps of airports via dr good! :smiley: then you can download them in advance and look at them when you land the plane.

MSFS2020 maps or real world?

If maps from actual sim and available offline then that is a resource that you should absolutely provide a link to. :slight_smile:

Note down the assigned taxi route and use either Littlenavmap or G-Plan (both free and both including the needed parking paths and parking IDs) to follow it if you get lost. But whenever available you can navigate using the boards and lines/lights.

Just few rules to remember: black board means the taxi route where you are and yellow board with arrows the diverging to that taxi route. This basic diagram helps a lot.


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MSFS is still using wrong data. I fixed this with Navigraph and payware airports.