Airport vehicles disappeared

Since a few days something prevents my ground service vehicles from showing up. I have no idea what causes that but it must be something in my community folder. When I delete it - the default vehicles show up as they should. I deleted everything that could possible interfer with service vehicles (like the latinvfr arex packs or the fbw a320) but had no luck and I couldn’t find the problematic mod. Does anyone have an idea or made a similar observation and knows a solution? Todays is my last day of vacation after trying the whole weekend and monday to find a solution. I would love to fly a bit rather than test every one of my mods separately if it’s causing the problem. My community folder contains mainly payware airport and planes, aircraft mods like fbw, wt, gotgravel, H135 etc., mods like the wt and pms garmin stuff, some liveries and very few freeware sceneries. So just the basic stuff - nothing out of the ordinary.

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The purpose of the #bugs-and-issues categories is to discuss issues that affect the base simulator. Please do not discuss issues with third-party addons or modifications in this category. These should be filed via the developer’s preferred support method.

If you believe your issue may be caused by a third-party addon/mod, empty your community folder, restart the simulator and try to reproduce the error.

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You’ve installed an airport that is using a Living World cfg and/or Services that have turned off your traffic.

Search through all your airports and look for the ones that have either or both an “AirportServices” directory or a “LivingWorld_Config” directory. Remove each one until you find the problem airport. Then back up and edit the layout.json and remove the entries in the json file for those two files. Or, only add that airport to your community directory when you want to use it.

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Sir, you made my day! Thank you so much. Turned out that the “Megeve Altiport” by LHH Creations caused the vehicles to prevent to spawn. I will contact the developers and inform them.

@Hester40MT Sorry, I mixed up the categories - it was a long night :man_facepalming:


I’d like to understand Asobo’s plans for their Living world configurations. It’s a great idea to give us control, but that control should be limited to a single airport, and it shouldn’t affect the sim beyond that. Or, at least they should allow us that option. Currently, the way it is implemented, only one author ultimately has control, usually the last one read in the content.xml.