Airport VTSM Samui, Thailand gone from World Map

I apologise for bringing this topic here but not getting any response elsewhere!
VTSM Samui, Thailand) payware was one of my favourites. But vtsm no longer shows up on the world map. Not been there for at least 2 months so not sure when this occurred.
Even odder is that if you search for vtsm the airfield does appear with correct rwy and parking. But you cannot select them with most aircraft, including the fenix, as the world map thinks its a water airfield!
Does anyone know what is happening?

The default VTSM does display on the World Map in my sim.

That makes it even more confusing! I suppose it might be the payware airport but it used to work fine, and it hasn’t been altered recently

I took a quick look on an completely unmodded version (although it is the current flighting version 1.29.30) of the sim and it’s showing up.
I’ve seen another person that had an issue where the airfield thought it was a water runway. That ended up being caused by a conflict with an add-on.

did you try uninstalling the airport add-on. Restart the game at the default airport. exit the game, and re-install the add-on?

You can try that. I’d also try to run the sim in safe mode and see if the issues goes away, which would indicate it’s a conflict with some add-on, but then you’ll have to figure out which one.

it might just be a “conflict” due to new SU11. and sometimes, deleting the add-on, to re-install it on top of the new changelog of the basegame, helps.
Don’t know how clear that was…hope you understood what i meant

Thanks for all these suggestions

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