Airports disappeared

All standard airport buildings have disappeared. What did I do wrong? Only the paid airports are ok? Does somebody has any idea?
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Straight out of a Stephen King movie

Maybe reinstall? … I have the Steam version with the deluxe package …

Are you seeing it at every airport or just this one? Most of the “regular” airports are fine, although not always 100% accurate. Someone else reported a similar issue a couple months ago. Might try reopening MSFS again and see if it’s still wrong. Probably should Report to Zendesk if it repeats.

If you’ve installed any freeware scenery or mods since this started happening, I would try removing those first to see if the problem persists. Remove anything you added since you noticed this starting to happen.

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I was flying in the Alps yesterday and I noticed the scenery was taking much longer than usual to load. Usually, when the game starts, all the scenery is already downloaded and displayed. Yesterday, some games started with no grass, no trees, no buildings, and I could see them appear one by one in about 10 seconds.

Everything is fine now. i deleted the mod “building fix” in my community folder. It probably made the buildings disappear during the last update. Thank you for your support.

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