Airports used aren't showing up

Hi there. I’ve been doing flights in Manitoba, Canada.
So far only one of the airports I’ve used shows up …CYAV but two others I’ve never used show up also.

I’d like all the airports I use to show up in the HISTORY but even those I used today DO NOT.
Anyone know how I can fix this?


I think it’s a recent bug. Not sure it’s ever been perfect but certainly better than you’ve described. I’ve noticed I have the same issue.

Bug introduced in SU5

It was actually happening earlier too. I got the program on July 4 and updates since then have had the same issue. No idea where they are getting airports I’ve never looked at added to MY history.

Is there something we need to do to initiate getting it fixed?

Hi @LeanerPandora14!

A bug report thread for this issue can be found here:

Mine is the same. 3 airports show, all wrong, always the same - so not updating

Has anyone heard anything further about Ascobo fixing this bug?? I still have the same history the game installed with and I have ALL updates.