Airports with custom ILS broken since SU11!

Update 09-12: added affected airports/solved airports

Affected airports:

  • Aerosoft Nurnberg (EDDN)
  • FSDreamTeam Zürich (LSZH)
  • HomaSim - Teheran (OIIE)
  • iniBuilds Ibiza (LEIB)
  • Jetstream Designs Paris-Orly Airport (LFPO)
  • JustFlight Palma de Mallorca (LEPA)
  • JustSim Antalya (LTAI)
  • JustSim Brussels (EBBR)
  • JustSim Dusseldorf Airport (EDDL)
  • JustSim Hannover (EDDV)
  • JustSim Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK)
  • JustSim Malta (LMML)
  • JustSim Stuttgart Airport (EDDS)
  • LatinVFR Barcelona (LEBL)
  • Simwings Hamburg Airport (EDDH)
  • Simwings Tenerife (GCTS)

Issue solved by devs:

  • Aerosoft (Jo Erlend Sund) - Brussels Airport (EBBR)
  • Aerosoft (Jo Erlend Sund) - Köln-Bonn Airport (EDDK)
  • Aerosoft (Jo Erlend Sund) - Paderborn Airport (EDLP)
  • Aerosoft (Jo Erlend Sund) - Trondheim-Vaernes Airport (ENVA)
  • Orbx - Prague Airport (LKPR)

Hello all,

Today I was planning a flight from EPWA to EDDH and created a flightplan using the flightplanner. When starting (default A320neo) I checked my flightplan and my arrival is not appearing as it should. It seems the NavData database in the aircraft is not able to show certain waypoints (i.e. DH352) and is routing the aircraft straight from BOGMU to the airport. I also tried the FlyByWire A320nx, but same issue there.

No, I do not consider Navigraph just looking for a solution using the MSFS NavData.


I also tried EDDK and get similar results there :frowning:

Issue seems to be in several third party airports. So far I found not working:

  • Simwings EDDH
  • Aerosoft EDDK
  • FSDreamTeam Zürich

@ ErikNL80


in case of actual DB, I don’t see DH352 anymore included in ARR procedures. Your VFR map screenshot is correct in case you’ve selected that runway for arr.

I have the same problem with some third party airports.

With Justsim EFHK

Without Justsim EFHK

Since all of these airports appear to be third party products in common, the thread is moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:airports

Thanks! Already had a chat with Aerosoft and EDDK will be fixed soon. I think EDDH as well. I asked them if they could share the issue and they pointed me to this topic:

Hope this helps the other devs as well (JustSim/FSDreamTeam)

I am not sure this is the same problem because for me ILS is working and just waypoints around airports disappear. A lot of airports seem to be concerned even free airports. I noticed for these airports a folder Scenery\World\Scenery\airport_name.bgl. I am afraid that this bgl could be accountable.

Same Problem with Justsim EDDS, Aerosoft EDDK.

Has anyone a solution to solve the problem?

Thanks for the response. It is a widespread issue as far as I can see. At this time I am beta testing an airport with the same issue, so hopefully the dev can solve it and share the solution.

Hello there, here to confirm almost same issue for 2 other payware airports (1 confirmed as Asobo’s fault):

  • at EDDP the automatic optimal descent is not working correctly and a result, you will still be at 20000 ft about 10 miles from the runway. (Potentially this is an A310 issue);
  • in VTBS all ils and approaches paths fully broken (that one is probably by Asobo’s side).

Same problem with LFPO by Jetstream.

I found the same with the freeware Gatwick, but the developer fixed it by removing the custom ILS (as in the changelog). Now the waypoints are back. This is a part of the changelog:

  • Custom ILS removed.
  • RemoveallILS unticked in Airport SDK selection
  • Default Gatwick ILS now activated

After reading some more info, it seems that custom ILS is broken and one of the symptoms is that the waypoints are also disappearing. Only workaround seems to be described above.

Hope the devs will pick this up ASAP!

Update: by my side, i fixed the waypoints/approach paths being broken by updating navigation data to AIRAC 2211, instead of using default Asobo nav data currently available. Hope this helps for any of you too. Otherwise, we will have to wait for an imput from Asobo.

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Same with iniBuilds/Origami Heathrow. I reported this on their forum and they will fix it in the next LHR version.

I also think it’s affecting Justsim EDDL, for example.

I think we have to assume add-on airports which have the flag set to TRUE are going to have this problem post-SU11.

The best thing would be a tweak from Asobo to fix this rather than every add-on developer affected having to recompile their products and send out fixes.

Agree. Especially when they revert some changes in i.e. SU12 and devs have to go over every airport again. An official statement would be appreciated here!

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Can confirm that one fix is to subscribe to Navigraph navdata. I just did and ILS is back at Origami LHR now.

I realise this is an €8 a month fix - but my thinking is that third-party add on airport sceneries are going to take a while to fix in lieu of a global change from Asobo, so this at least keeps me flying.

As and when it’s fixed I might end my Navigraph subscription.

Just saw an update for Orbx Prague with the following comment:

  • Removed DeleteILS flag option that affects default navdata in custom ILS

A thing one with issues could try is to delete the content.xml - this is done using the new experimental menu → Package Reorder Tool

In my case in SU10 arrivals and departures on EDDK and other airports from directions around 15° were entirely missing. This brought them back.